2011 NFL Week 7 TOX Stats

Finished the TOX stats from week 7 around the NFL a little bit early this week along with the year to date totals. If you are just finding this, make sure to look back at the links below to get a better understanding of what the TOX stat actually is and how it works. Week 1 is a great place to start as it also includes a video. The plus 2 teams went 6-0 this week. Year to date in head to head games the plus 2 teams are 55-14 for an expected 80% winning percentage. That number as I have mentioned before, should hover right around there throughout the season. Teams with a mere positive TOX stat went 9-1 this week. Teams with a positive turnover differential went 10-1 overall and teams with the positive explosive play differential also went 6-3 this week.

Year to date the Lions still lead with a plus 18 TOX, but are now followed closely by the Texans with a plus 17.

The Steelers have now finally climbed back to a positive number and even 0 TOX number despite only 3 turnovers this year. They face the Patriots this week who come off the bye carrying a minus 4 TOX as they have given up a ton of big plays through their first 6 games.

It should be noted that the Giants, Bengals, 49ers, Bills, Eagles and Patriots were on the bye this past week and their TOX stats is carried over from week 6.

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Week 7OffenseDefenseDifferentialsTOX
TeamPass 20+Run 20+Pass 20+Run 20+20+ DIFFTO DIFTOXW/L
Chicago Bears3320426W
Houston Texans4110426W
Carolina Panthers4240235W
New Orleans Saints3103134W
Denver Broncos2110202W
Jacksonville Jaguars2010112W
Dallas Cowboys2231011W
Detroit Lions2121011L
Kansas City Chiefs1132-341W
Pittsburgh Steelers4040011W
Cleveland Browns0010-110W
Green Bay Packers4133-110W
Minnesota Vikings33411-10L
New York Jets1221000W
San Diego Chargers2112000L
Seattle Seahawks10001-10L
Arizona Cardinals40400-1-1L
Atlanta Falcons21210-1-1W
Oakland Raiders32113-4-1L
St. Louis Rams31220-1-1L
Baltimore Ravens1020-1-1-2L
Miami Dolphins1021-20-2L
Indianapolis Colts0331-1-3-4L
Washington Redskins4042-2-3-5L
Tampa Bay Buccaneers2033-4-2-6L
Tennessee Titans1041-4-2-6L

2011 YTD TOX

Detroit Lions 18
Houston Texans 17
Dallas Cowboys 13
San Francisco 49ers 11
Cincinnati Bengals 10
Baltimore Ravens 8
Chicago Bears 8
New York Jets 7
Carolina Panthers 6
Minnesota Vikings 6
Oakland Raiders 5
Green Bay Packers 4
New Orleans Saints 3
New York Giants 3
San Diego Chargers 3
Buffalo Bills 2
Philadelphia Eagles 2
Pittsburgh Steelers 1
Tennessee Titans 1
Seattle Seahawks -2
Jacksonville Jaguars -3
New England Patriots -4
Atlanta Falcons -8
Denver Broncos -8
Cleveland Browns -9
Washington Redskins -10
Kansas City Chiefs -11
St. Louis Rams -11
Miami Dolphins -13
Indianapolis Colts -15
Tampa Bay Buccaneers -15
Arizona Cardinals -18
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