Charting The Offensive Line Pass Protection Help Versus Texans

I received a few questions wondering about how much help the offensive line received this past Sunday in pass protection against the Houston Texans so I had Alan Gifford go through the 39 drop backs of Ben Roethlisberger to report what he saw and chart who stayed in on each play and who chipped before releasing.

The table below shows the play by play of each drop back and as you can see, 36 of the 39 drop backs had some sort of pass protection help. 27 times the Steelers either kept a running back or tight end in to block or had them chip a defensive player on their way out into a pass pattern. There were 12 plays that consisted of nobody staying in, but on 9 of those there was some sort of chipping taking place. Only 3 times did the Steelers go 5 wide with no help to the offensive line in pass protection. There were 5 drop backs that consisted of what you could call max protection with 7 players staying in to block.

Thanks to Alan for putting this research together.

Quarter 1
3:10110 Y     Wallace22 1Mendenhall 0 
2:41 110Y    Y Sanders104Ward Johnson Miller Mendenhall0Quick pass
1:591 10       Johnson 0 2Mendenhall &
Johnson chipped
1:552 10       Mendenhall 1Johnson1Mendenhall
small chip
1:493 10  Y  IC    1 Moore Miller1 Miller chiiped end Moore blitz p-up
0:54 210       Cotchery 0 05 wide
0:50 310 Y      1 Moore0 4 wide Moore blitz p-up
Quarter 2
8:57 32Y    Miller1 1Redman03 TE\’ all in
pattern Redman in
2:261 10Y     Miller7 1Redman0 
2:00 23       Brown 0 1Miller
chipped & released
1:573 3Y     Wallace40 1Redman0Redman
waited then released
1:481 10Y     Wallace6 1Miller0Miller on
1:212 4Y     Miller7 0 2 Miller & Moore both chipped
1:02 110       Brown 1Miller0Miller got
corner blitzer
0:582 10       Brown 0 1Moore semi
helped Gilbert
0:533 10Y     Wallace9 1Miller0Miller
helped Essex

Quarter 3
14:53110 Y    YJohnson6 1Mendenhall0Quick pass
13:35 110       Mendenhall 2Miller
0 Mendenhall whiffed
13:29210 Y      0 1Redman
waited then released
12:563 15Y     Ward19 1Moore1Miller
chipped Moore blitz p-up
11:09215 Y     Brown9 0 0 5 wide
10:283 6Y     Brown7 2Miller Saunders0Miller
Saunders h-backs
9:381 10Y     Brown23 2Miller Mendenhall 0Mendenhall
helped Miller
7:523 5  Y    8 1Miller0Miller got
blitzer on edge

Quarter 4
11:1622 Y      1Johnson1Redman play
action released
10:493 9       Ward 0 1Moore
chipped released
7:452 10Y     Brown16 1Moore0Moore stayed
7:151 10       Brown 1Moore0Moore blitz
7:092 10  Y      1 Moore0 Moore blitz p-up
6:09321 Y      0 1Miller quick
chip release
3:331 10     Y Ward 0 05 wide quick
3:312 10Y   1 Johnson0 Johnson beat bad
2:4437      Sanders  0 2Moore Miller small chips
2:38 47     Ward2 Miller Saunders0 Miller Saunders h-backs
1:02 110   RPY  Ward 1Redman
1 Miller chipped
0:51110 Y     Brown12 1Redman0 
0:42 110Y      Redman120Redman1Redman
chipped released
0:191 10       1 Redman0 Spike
0:192 10    Y   1 Redman0

  • Good stuff. Thanks for putting that together. So much for the theory that Ben isn’t getting protection.

    Something to watch for next week: is the pressure coming because guys are getting beat, or because pass rushers aren’t being picked up? If it’s the latter, does that mean Ben is doing a poor job of reading the defense, and adjusting his protection to pick up the pass rush?

  • Thomas

    not the easiest chart to read hehe