Breakdown Of The Jonathan Dwyer 76 Yard Run – Counter 34 Pike

The Steelers bread and butter trap play is Counter 34 Pike and it surfaced again on Sunday against the Tennessee Titans on first and 10 from the Steelers own 10 yard-line with 9:21 left in the first half.

Below is the breakdown of the play that running back Jonathan Dwyer took 76 yards on his first carry of the game and season.

Jonathan Dwyer Run 1

Pre-snap shot here with 13 personnel with David Johnson and Heath Miller right. Weslye Saunders tight on left. Offensive line left to right is Max Starks, Doug Legursky, Maurkice Pouncey, Ramon Foster and Marcus Gilbert.

Jonathan Dwyer run 2

Foster blocks down on Sen'Derrick Marks who is already slanting inside. Gilbert blocks down on defensive end William Hayes. Heath Miller gets ready to kick out linebacker Akeem Ayers. David Johnson is releasing to head out to to linebacker Will Witherspoon. Legursky begins his pull right to take care of Barrett Ruud.

Jonathan Dwyer 3

Great look at the blocking left to right as all that needs to be done is for Legursky to bury Rudd and Miller finish kicking out Ayers.

Jonathan Dwyer 4

Look at the Legursky bury. Dwyer could drive a truck through this hole.

Jonathan Dwyer 5

Dwyer off to the races.

Jonathan Dwyer 6

Only safety Jordan Babineaux left to beat.

Jonathan Dwyer 7

Done and gone. Classic and executed perfectly.

  • Intropy

    I just watched the replay several times, and it was interesting to follow each player in turn. Johnson did get a seal on his block, and why would you expect that, his main job is to push the guy out of the whole not prevent him from pursuing, but he’s so “sticky” on the block that he prevents the chase anyway. Pouncey is looking for a loose player to block and can’t really find any so he just gets his body on several different people to help out.

  • Steelergirlinfl

    when I watched the game replay last night I found this play interesting in that Pouncey was the first Steeler running the sideline behind J. Dwyer and the first to get there to congratulate him. next was Foster. It shows the gamesmanship that the o-line was playing with. Really liked this play on so many levels.

  • The other thing that made that play, was how fast Dwyer took off at the snap. He was moving fast when he took the hand off, and then shot immediately through the giant running lane that the O-line opened up for him. The O-line didn’t need to keep those holes open long.

    It’s nice was nice to see that Dwyer is able to pull off these big runs on game day, and that the pre-season wasn’t just a fluke. Dwyer did really good with his pass blocking also. The Steelers need to keep dressing this kid on Sunday’s.

  • Stewart John21

    I should know this but is that the same play that FWP scored on in SB in Detroit?

  • Msmcm

    exactly right dwyer is a bruiser and a punisher

  • Nevetsw7

    The very same.