Report: Max Starks Visits Steelers Could Sign Soon

WPXI-TV Sports Director Alby Oxenreiter is reporting via Twitter that former Steelers tackle Max Starks visited with the Steelers this evening and is expected to re-sign with the team soon. Starks was released by the Steelers prior to the start of training camp as he was reportedly over weight and still trying to recover from his neck injury that sidelined him most of the 2010 season. Starks has reportedly lost quite a bit of weight and recently worked out for the Vikings.

The Steelers could use any help on an offensive line that has been ravaged by injuries and poor play. Both Doug Legursky and Jonathan Scott were sidelined last week against the Texans with injuries and Trai Essex was forced to start at left tackle in the the absence of Scott. The Steelers also lost Willie Colon after the week 1 loss to the Ravens due to a biceps injury.

Once notion, if indeed Starks does re-sign, would be to let him play right tackle and shift rookie Marcus Gilbert over to left tackle. Gilbert was drafted to end up at left tackle eventually and he got plenty of work there during the preseason. Starks originally played right tackle for the Steelers before eventually moving over to the left side.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    If Starks is in shape and ready go ahead and sign the guy…he isnt great but steady and would be a nice change of what we have seen.

  • This needs to happen.

  • Chargerz4me

    This would be very good news.

  • Pittfann1

    I’d love getting Starks back. He has enough experience with Ben’s scrambling style to know what’s necessary to keep him upright. I just hope he truly is back in shape.

  • Cronn

    Soon? That’s what everybody said after he visited the Vikings. I hear he failed his physical due to his neck situation.

  • Bleebo77

    Dave, what’s your take on the addition of Starks? And what will it mean when Scott is healthy? Starks and Gilbert with Scott as the first backup, or is Starks just a stopgap? And is there hope for the interior O-line? What’s the best guard combo you think we can put out there?

  • Thomas

    I wasn’t a fan when he was here but this was a real must at this point, should have happened last week. I do think gilbert looked good overall getting to the edge and really stuffed Mario a few times but would make a better left then right, could help the running game to have max on the right, he is really a RT naturally anyways.

  • Bigcountry58

    What would this do with his dead salary?

  • Mellymorales07

    For crying out loud if we don’t do something it’s not just over for the season it’s over !! Sign Starks or flozel better a hold call then a qb getting his head ripped off !! Talk about a superbowl hang over !!

  • SteelersDepot

    Nothing. Stays on the books. That signing bonus money has long been paid. New contract would have nothing to do with that.

  • My guess. Colbert probably wanted to sign Starks weeks ago and Tomlin put his foot down. Since the line was still in near disastrous state instead of total disastrous one, Colbert probably did not push it. Now there is no choice. That is why you hear talk that Steelers sign it , but it doesn’t mean he will start(Because Colbert doesnt interfere with coaching decisions). This scenario happened a few years ago where Steelers front office paid him like a starter, but he was riding the bench because Tomlin and Arians thought he was worse than Colon. When Marvel’s injury forced their hand, they had no choice but to play Starks and he ended up being a better tackle than Colon.

  • The good thing is Starks has been paid handsomely by the Steelers, so salary is not an immediate concern for Starks. Just getting back into the league is his concern.

  • Tim

    I think Starks is a major upgrade. hey, In past years it was easy to look at his flaws, but this year’s tackle play has been bad. AFC teams have keyed on the Steelers because of their success and it is exposing the offensive line. Look at the Ravens & Texans; their offensive lines are talented and huge. I hope the Steelers don’t forget the offensive line just because Ben can scramble. Without a dominant running game, our defense will wear down.