Report: Steelers NT Chris Hoke Has Nerve Problem In Neck

Dale Lolley reports this morning that Steelers nose tackle Chris Hoke is struggling to return to game ready action as he tries to recover from his latest stinger suffered against Jaguars.

Lolley reports that the issue is that this is the second such stinger that Hoke has suffered in a short period of time and that the nerve sheath still hasn\’t regenerated. Lolley goes on to suggest that this will likely be an issue for Hoke for the remainder of the season.

Yesterday Mike Tomlin described the status of Hoke as status quo and made it sound like he will indeed miss his second straight game against the Patriots this week. Tomlin did say however that he expects starter Casey Hampton to practice today as he returns from his shoulder injury that has sidelined him the last 3 weeks. If Hampton can\’t play this week, Steve McLendon would make his second straight start.

  • Sony_Vaio

    duz that mean we draft NT OT first 2 round?

  • Deaconknowledge

    No, Hokie!

    I’m actually hoping that if Hoke can’t go, McLendon gets the start. Seems Hampton is too scared for his legs to be effective recently.

  • Dgh57

    If we go NT in the 1st rd in next years draft that means 3 1st rounders on the D-Line! That’s okay with me! If Gilbert pans out at LT and Colon comes back strong next year then OT in the 2nd rd. Problem is there isn’t enough time to know if Gilbert pans out between now and then! So they draft the best available player at either position in the 1st rd.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Ive said this before but if the Steelers do not want to start replacing our older players then nature will. I like Hoke but we need to find replacements…McClendon IMO is only a career backup for us…I like how he plays but do not think he can do it all season

  • NW86

    I’d say maybe NT and OG. At tackle I’m OK with Colon (if he can shake the injury bug), and I think Gilbert is our tackle of the future. There’s also Starks (as long as we can re-sign him at a reasonable price), or J. Scott for depth.

    At OG, I’ve never liked Kemo much, especially for the price we’re paying him. I like Legursky and Foster as underdog types that have worked their way onto the team and up from the bottom of the depth charts, but don’t think either of them are long term, top level starters. Legursky is most valuable as the primary backup for all 3 inside positions (you don’t want your backup center to be injured while starting at guard, which is what happened this year).

    I would have said we still needed a CB, but I’m beginning to think Lewis may be starter material there. McFadden and his $2.5M salary are gone next year. Haven’t seen much of the 2 rookies, but have heard some good things about them too. I’ll say this though, if they do decide they need another CB, I’d rather see a 1st or 2nd round pick. The mid-rounders don’t often work out at that position.