Roger Goodell Explains Troy Polamalu Cell Phone Fine To Greta Van Susteren

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell joined Greta Van Susteren on her Fox News show, On the Record, yesterday to talk about Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the state of the NFL, concussions, HGH testing and more. Greta asked him about the recent fining of Steelers safety Troy Polamalu for using a cell phone on the sideline to talk to his wife after leaving the game against the Jaguars with concussion-like symptoms. You can watch the video interview below and read the Q & A on the topic.

Van Susteren: A Steelers player just got into a little bit of a problem. He had what seemed like a serious injury on the field. They suspected he might have a concussion, a lot of concern. He made a phone call to his wife and got find $10,000. A lot of people felt bad for him on that.

Goodell: Well, I think, you know, it\’s always a problem with trying to have a rule that applies to everybody. You know, Troy is a wonderful young man and there was concern about his health, and there are ways of us getting word to family when there is an injury and to make sure that they understand the player is OK. But we also don\’t want to have all our players using phones on the sidelines or texting.

Van Susteren: I actually — I sort of thought that it was the team\’s fault. Here you have a guy who obviously his wife is watching, she\’s going to be worried. He got the phone from the team doctor apparently. You would think they would have an intern or somebody who could run back into the locker room and make a phone call and say he\’s all right.

Goodell: I think they do. I think when someone is injured in your family, you want to speak to the individual and you want to hear their voice and you want to make sure they are OK. And that\’s something that probably could have happened by taking him off the field and allowing him access to be able to call his wife.

  • i hate this moron

  • You idiot Goodell….You need to get your mind right…YOU Mr. Goodell are changing football into a pansy sport….these fines are getting ridiculous…$10,000 for cell for use on Polamalu, yet Matthews was only fined $5,000 for his gold shoes……and Troy called his wife because that is the kind of MAN he is…he loves his wife and cares about her….get over yourself Goodell….do us all a favor and QUIT!

  • Goodell is an idiot!!! Before you know they are going to be playing flag football…….

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Goodall is awful…at least he has evened out the fines by fineing everyone for everything.

  • Jabsosteel

    g-damn….I’m so sick of this stuffed shirt, talking head, clown. Sure, fine Troy 10 large while only fining a guy intentionally kicking another guy in the crotch 20 large? Also, it apparently doesn’t cost much more than what Troy was fined to flip off the crowd on national television for all young people to see. Way to set the bar, you hypocrite d-bag! These fines have become the most ridiculous and arbitrary policy in professional sports. I don’t use this term lightly, but I truly ‘hate’ your guts.

  • 6burg fan

    Is anyone really suprised that he fined a Pittsburg Steeler so much!!!!!! Look at the amount of fines James Harrison paid last year, Troy spoke up about and this is the way “GOD”ell gets back at him. Troy is a GOD fearing man, a great family man great player and great teammate. The worst thing that wver could have happened to football was the appointment of ROGER “GOD”ELL. Quit before you ruin the great sport of football you worthless POS

  • Bradleyaoo7

    Look at the amount the Steelers were fined this year. If that was brady calling giselle that would of been ok.

  • Goodall’s reply to every situation:

    “Fine, fine!”

  • Nick

    I saw the interview on fox, I thouht then as I do now: Goodell is full of crap! I realize why the rule is there, but there gotta be reasonable exceptions. Nick, Buckroe, VA

  • Steelpen42

    Somebody needs to put godell in check or get rid of him! Take the contact out of football??? What the heck does he think this is, the PEEWEE league???

  • Rlphsmth25

    please tell me how we are suppose to have heroes when u fine a player like TRoy Polamalu. He has more class than most teams combined and yet u want to fine him for talking to his wife. Keep your head up Troy U did nothing wrong.

  • Jeff J

    Goodell is a Steelers hating communist!

  • Clearly Goddell does not comprehend what the symptoms of a concussion are, and needs to go back to basic first fucking aid!

  • Brittanyrenee85

    Maybe he should explain why the fine was higher with his wife being concerned with his safety, than the $7500 fine to players that have no concern with the safety of another. The players should just buy fine credits, who knows whats next.

  • Roger Goodell sucks.

  • Missliss412

    Hey Van & bi*chass…..from the Steeler Nation…….KISS ALL OF OUR ASSESS!!!! Roger….no one likes you…..what’s up with your extreme hate towards the Steelers……not that we listen to much of what comes out of your little rat face mouth ANYWAY. You must want the guys wearing skirts and flags. (Yes I know I’m off subject now…but I don’t caaaaare) do us all.a favor and….pull your head out of your A$$!