Steelers 2011 Rushing & Passing Directional Stats After 4 Games

It is that time again to look at the Steelers directional stats after the first 4 games of the season. Below are the rushing and passing stats for the offense and defense by direction after week 4. They include the Steelers NFL ranking in each of the stat categories.

Rushing wise on offense you can see that running to the right, their bread and butter side, has not been as awful as you would think. Up the middle and to the left is were they really are struggling albeit they have only run to the left of middle 17 times. The Steelers are a right handed running team and have been for some time, but they need to at least be able to run better to the left side every now and again to keep opposing defenses honest.

As far as rushing defense goes, the numbers pretty much tell the story. Take away the right end rushes and the Steelers are allowing no less than a 4.67 average in any other of the directions. This needs to get fixed and fast. You do not need these stats though to tell you that.

The Steelers passing offense has been good, but not great average gain wise as teams are doing a great job pressuring Ben Roethlisberger and trying to take away the deep ball from Mike Wallace. Roethlisberger has checked down quite a bit through the first 4 weeks.

The defensive pass rankings look good for the most part but are a bit deceiving. The way the run defense has played in 3 of the first 4 games, there was not too much of a need for teams to rely heavily on their passing game. Offenses have thrown just 22 deep pass attempts in 4 games and 14 have been deep left variety.

Rushing & Passing Directional Stats After 4 Games

Steelers Rushing Offense
Plays: 4Plays: 4Plays: 9Plays: 36Plays: 22Plays: 10Plays: 12
Rank: 31Rank: 30Rank: 18Rank: 8Rank: 3Rank: 20Rank: 12
Avg: 1.25Avg: 2.00Avg: 2.11Avg: 3.17Avg: 4.86Avg: 5.30Avg: 6.00
Rank: 32Rank: 32Rank: 28Rank: 24Rank: 10Rank: 12Rank: 7
Steelers Rushing Defense
Plays: 12Plays: 19Plays: 16Plays: 21Plays: 9Plays: 15Plays: 7
Rank: 16Rank: 8Rank: 4Rank: 24Rank: 17Rank: 10Rank: 28
Avg: 6.75Avg: 4.68Avg: 5.06Avg: 5.33Avg: 4.67Avg: 5.53Avg: 1.14
Rank: 25Rank: 19Rank: 27Rank: 27Rank: 26Rank: 22Rank: 2
Steelers Passing Offense
Plays: 39Plays: 32Plays: 36Plays: 13Plays: 8Plays: 10
Rank: 16Rank: 6Rank: 29Rank: 6Rank: 9Rank: 16
Avg: 7.10Avg: 8.19Avg: 6.53Avg: 10.31Avg: 11.63Avg: 16.70
Rank: 9Rank: 12Rank: 6Rank: 20Rank: 18Rank: 6
Comp %: 69.23Comp %: 65.63Comp %: 66.67Comp %: 30.77Comp %: 62.50Comp %: 50.00
Rank: 17Rank: 16Rank: 11Rank: 24Rank: 10Rank: 7
Steelers Passing Defense
Plays: 39Plays: 14Plays: 44Plays: 14Plays: 3Plays: 5
Rank: 12Rank: 31Rank: 23Rank: 3Rank: 28Rank: 32
Avg: 5.03Avg: 6.93Avg: 4.61Avg: 11.43Avg: 0.00Avg: 3.60
Rank: 3Rank: 13Rank: 7Rank: 19Rank: 1Rank: 4
Comp %: 61.54Comp %: 71.43Comp %: 63.64Comp %: 42.86Comp %: 0.00Comp %: 20.00
Rank: 7Rank: 20Rank: 16Rank: 18Rank: 1Rank: 4
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