Steelers Cardinals Week 7 Defensive Participation Chart

Below is the defensive participation chart for the Steelers week 7 game versus the Arizona Cardinals this past Sunday.

We saw a few new things this week on defense as we saw 9 true DIME package looks with rookie Cortez Allen seeing the field as a 6th defensive back this week. The Steelers still ran the other DIME or Big Nickle if you will, 14 times against the Cardinals. That is 23 of 55 non penalty snaps that the Steelers had 6 defensive backs on the field. They were in BASE for 30 snaps and GOAL in the remaining 2.

Recently promoted Corbin Bryant saw his first NFL game action with 4 non penalty snaps Sunday and Chris Carter picked up 3 snaps. 2 of which were in GOAL.

Rookie Cameron Heyward had just 10 snaps this week and I hope he starts spelling Brett Keisel a bit more to save wear and tear.

Click on the image below to see the full PDF version of the defensive participation chart.

Steelers Cardinals Week 7 Defensive Participation Chart

# Player POS PLAYS
90 Steve McLendon NT 34
99 Brett Keisel DE 47
96 Ziggy Hood DE 49
97 Cameron Heyward DE 10
95 Corbin Bryant DE 4
56 LaMarr Woodley OLB 55
94 Lawrence Timmons OLB 54
51 James Farrior ILB 52
50 Larry Foote ILB 35
54 Chris Carter OLB 3
24 Ike Taylor CB 53
22 William Gay CB 53
23 Keenan Lewis CB 23
28 Cortez Allen CB 9
25 Ryan Clark FS 55
43 Troy Polamalu SS 55
29 Ryan Mundy SS 14
  • israelp

    You have Foote listed outside and Timmons inside.

  • Man532

    Please take farrior and foote out in the passing situations and leave Timmons in the game in the middle of the field. I would go with Keisel, Woodley, Hood, and McLendon as 4 dn linemen to rush. McLendon can collapse the pocket. Rotate with Heyward and Bryant. Hood and Mclendon responsibilities are draws, collapse pocket, screens. I think Keisel can disrupt Brady’s line of site for the quick out passes to the WR and TE’s.

    My 11 D lineup…
    DL: Woodley, Hood, Mclendon, Keisel
    LB: Timmons
    DB: Ike, Gay, Lewis, Allen, Clark, and Mundy

    Troy is in the midle of the field next to Timmons to take away the TE’s. Gay is in the slot with Welker with Clark of over the top. Mundy is deep, because Brady has burned us deep everytime.

    Big game for timmons and troy to shut down TE’s.

  • SteelersDepot


  • Rarebreedsj

    If you add Troy next to Timmons you would have 12 men on the field. Also Timmons isnt any better in coverage than Farrior or Foote. He gave 2 TD’s in the first game against the Ravens, one to Rice and the other to the TE. The reason Timmons has so many tackles last year is because he was tackling the guy he was supposed to be covering instead of stopping him from catching the ball.