Steelers Extend & Restructure Aaron Smith Contract To Free Up Cap Room

The Steelers freed up some salary cap room this past week as they restructured the contract of defensive end Aaron Smith and extended it a season in addition to do so. Smith was currently in the final year of his contract that pays him a base salary of $4.5 million. The Steelers converted $1.75 million of that base into a signing bonus to lower his 2011 cap hit by $875K and added on another year to the contract.

The extension will likely create $875K in dead money for the Steelers in 2012 should this be the final year Smith plays. Smith suffered a mid foot sprain last week against the Texans and has been ruled out this week against the Titans. Due to the amount of games that Smith has missed over the recent years, it is hard to see him playing out the extra year added to his contract this past week.

  • Dave

    I hate to say it, because Aaron Smith has always been one of my favorites Steelers, but from a hard-nosed business perspective, they probably should have let him go prior to this season and freed up even more cap space.

  • Emil

    Dave, what is your take on this move? Smart or?

  • Wonder what the Steelers are planning to do with the extra $875K? This move doesn’t make much sense, unless they have plans for the money this season.

  • SteelersDepot

    Merely a move to clear a little cap room for this year. They will eat the dead money next year. Smith is all but done after this season.

  • Msmcm

    yep time to retool with younger, stronger , and faster bodies,
    time to play dominant steeler football again

  • Trey700

    Smith has been horrible this year. I would’ve never thought he’ll be this bad after missing a year of football. He’s clearly weaker and less contioned, I have NO IDEA why smith is starting over ziggy. Ziggy is stronger and faster, he should get majority of the snaps once smith comes back.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    A couple of thoughts:
    1) Hood after showing his ability should have been considered the starter coming into the season
    2) I was calling for Smith to restructure his contract last year.

    I cannot come down too hard on the FO because of their success but I do not know why they are holding on to older players? My feelings last year coming in was to have Hood start and Smith to spell him…hate to think a novice out thought a great organization but that seems to have been what is best right now.

  • Chargerz4me

    Any chance that this was done, with a specific motive? Perhaps a current Free Agent that they want to sign and needed the room?

  • CraigP

    Flozell back at Rt Tackle

  • PA2AK

    Getting it right every once in a while is not better than getting it right almost every single time. Just sayin’. I agree with you though. Smith is lacking. So is Farrior. So is the OL. So is Bruce Arians. A lot of us fans say a bunch of crap that ends up being correct. The difference is the Steelers org. actually have to live and die by their decisions. So far, they have been doing a solid job. The players still have to come out and play like they have a set….that can’t come from management.