Steelers Lead AFC North After Ravens Loss To Jaguars

Don\’t look now but the Steelers are on top of the AFC North division after the Ravens lost on the road in Jacksonville tonight 12-7 to the Jaguars.

Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco had a horrible night as was 21 of 38 for 137 yards. His night included a late touchdown pass to Anquan Boldin and a final drive interception with 1:38 left in the game.

The Ravens offense did not register a first down in the first half and their first one came with 5:29 left in the third quarter.

The Steelers own a half game lead over both the Ravens and the Bengals as both have already had their bye weeks. The Ravens travel to Pittsburgh in week 9 for their second meeting of the season. The Ravens beat the Steelers in week 1 in Baltimore 35-7.

The Steelers will look to hold onto the division lead this week as the Patriots come to Pittsburgh this Sunday.

Pittsburgh520.7143-0-02-2-00-1-03-2-0151122+29Won 3
Cincinnati420.6672-1-02-1-01-0-04-1-0137111+26Won 3
Baltimore420.6673-0-01-2-01-0-03-2-015583+72Lost 1
Cleveland330.5002-2-01-1-00-1-02-3-097120-23Won 1

  • woohoo!! save your best hits for the ravens

  • Dgh57

    Yes, thank you Jaguars!!!! First you lost to the Steelers then you knock off the Ravens!!! 2 favors much appreciated in back to back weekends!!!!

  • Thomas

    I’m happy about this and all but maaaan did I ever loose alot of money on this one….GOD DAMN YOU RAVENS…ya cost me on the steelers game then even more of the Tennessee game then when I finally am feeling ok about trusting you against a 1 win team to complete a 7 fold, 7 combined games line bet with 42 to 1 odds and 15 dollars down you lay another HUGE stinkin egg. The Steelers better beat em, I’m tired of this shit! *INJUSTICE!!!* X_X

  • Dpahoops

    Division and conference record could come back to bite the Steelers. Have to go 2-1 and their next 3 games.

  • Mellymorales07

    We need to show these punks that we ain’t no push arounds !! Steeler Nation !! The ravens are who we thought they were !! Lol !!

  • James

    The AFC North has the top 4 defences (YPG) in the league as well. We are going to be in some wars in the coming weeks!