Steelers Mike Tomlin Texans Post Game Press Conference Week 4

Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin met the media for his post game press conference following the Steelers 17-10 loss to the Houston Texans this afternoon down in Houston. Tomlin updated the condition of several injured players and said linebacker James Harrison had some blurred vision for a while but came back into the game. Running back Rashard Mendenhall has a right hamstring injury and quarterback Ben Roethlisberger suffered a left foot injury and was getting X-rays after the game. Defensive end Aaron Smith suffered a mid-foot sprain while linebacker Jason Worilds also suffered a left quad injury. You can listed to the complete audio below and my game recap will be up later this afternoon.


  • Leecurtain

    That was the worse performance since week one agaisnt baltimore in week. The oline coach and bruce arains needs to be fired on that performance and dick lebeau needs to take some blame on defense because he did not rotate the dline and farrier should have been on the bench. Hampton and Smith are not getting the job done and WILLIAM BUT HEAD GAY IS A JOKE AND SHOULD BE RELEASE AND THE OFFENSIVE LINE IS AND EMBARRESMENT AT BEST THERE IS NO LT THAT CAN PROTECT BEN BLIND SIDE BECAUSE TRAI ESSEX CANT PLAY LEFT OR RIGHT TACKLE OR GAURD AT ALL .HE IS A JOKE AT BEST ITS TIME TOMLIN TO MAKE SOME CHANGES ON OFFENSE AND DEFENSE PLAYERS AND START PUTTING THE YOUTH ON THE FIELD AND HIRE AND OLINE COACH AND REPLACE BRUCE ARAINS AS COORDINATER; HE IS AND EMBARRESMENT AT BEST PERIOD.

  • Reina62672

    Hey Coach, Big Ben is killing us with the fumbles, why don’t we use some of the other quarterbacks sometimes in the game from time to time!

  • Jr

    It’s time to move from on from the past. The steelers roster is full of has beens. The defense looks old and slow. AND WHEN DO THEY LET UP 150YARDS RUSHING? the whole team plays with ZERO emotion!! I see more emotion from peewee football teams. The offense line is a joke. When you have a team with this much wrong it starts with the coaches. CALLING OUT: WARD. WOODLY. FARRIOR. O-LINE. (TOMLIN)

  • just saying

    cant really blame Ben—-he is running for his life~

  • One more thing that Tomlin might want to add to his comment that they respect every team in the National Football League. Coach, you had better respect every team because you’re playing like dung and can very easily lose on EVERY given Sunday. You’ve been flying by the seat of your pants for the last several seasons with subpar O-lines while knowing, before the season even started, that they were subpar. Only now, it’s biting you in the nalgas, and you’re waiting to decide if you should find some other lineman? Day late and a dollar short, friend!

  • 3-Crowns

    I didn’t know that the Pittsburgh Steelers had cheerleaders, but I am sure I saw them out there yesterday trying to play OL? The OL and DL performance this weekend was an embarrassment for a club like the Steelers, actually; for the whole season so far. Mr. Tomlin, wake up and smell the dirt on Ben’s face and helmet. I am sure Ben is getting pretty tired of eating turf because the OL can’t give him the 2 seconds he needs to get rid of the ball. Please tell me we don’t have to watch the rest of the season like this when you know what the problem is, this was painful to watch.

  • Mdelprince

    This may be the dumbest comment I’ve read in quite sometime. I guess Ben has to hang on to the football when HIS LINE is allowing opponents to blind side him without resistance. Yeah lets put a backup QB in the game over a 2-time super bowl winner. Ben has actually been playing well, but he has literally 2 seconds in the pocket to make a decision before getting mugged.

  • Jesusfan

    we are finally witnessing the Mike Tomlin era players emerging. Coach has been winning with the Cower generation players and the Tomlin era players cannot match up. The Cower era players are getting old and slow and ineffective for the most part. Also lack of coaching is shining through. Tomlin is not the genius he has been credited with. He was given the gift of a talented Bill Cower team and he has successfully ran into the ground and cannot draft the same quality players nor coach up to the quality of his predecessor…nuff said

  • Eliqudamah

    Anyone selling two tickets to the steelers and beagles game I need them bad!!!!! never been to live game. Love Pittsburgh and want to support them so if any one can help email me at eliqudamah@yahoo Thanks