Steelers Sign Max Starks, Release Chris Scott

The Steelers re-signed tackle Max Starks today to the active roster and released 2010 5th round draft pick Chris Scott to make room for him on the 53 man roster. Starks was originally drafted by the Steelers in the third round of the 2004 NFL Draft and started 68 games for the Steelers over a seven year span. Starks suffered a season-ending neck injury last season that cost him most of the year. He was released prior to the start of training camp this year with two years remaining on his contract. The Steelers release of Scott means that they have given up on the former Tennessee product. Scott spent most of his rookie season on PUP after fracturing his foot last summer. Scott was signed off of PUP last year to take the place of Starks after he was placed on injured reserve.

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  • Scott_McQ

    Not that I’m endorsing the move, but couldn’t Chris Scott be re-signed to the practice squad once/if he clears waivers?

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  • Chargerz4me

    What would be a realistic timetable to see Starks in the lineup?

    Should we still expect to see Scott/Gilbert or Gilbert/Essex starting at the tackle positions on Sunday?

  • Davidrussellg

    It should have been Chris Keomato they cut he is awful

  • Menace_501

    I am interested in seeing Trevis Turner get a shot. He was good enough to keep on the practice squad. Any word on him? Or this Meredith, how is he?

  • Intropy

    I’m guessing that happens in about a week once Tristan Davis is done with his Chris Johnson impersonation.

  • Dgh57

    I kept hearing about how bad Chris Scott played in the preseason yet he made the 53 man roster and they cut Tony Hills who out played him! Go figure!! So I think they cut the right player. I just hope Starks is in playing shape!

  • Intropy

    Normally I would say three weeks would be ambitious. But he doesn’t have to get up to starting form, he just has to be better than Essex/Scott.

    So 4 days I guess. Realistically, I think he may be playing against Jacksonville.

  • Chargerz4me

    Just read that Starks took half the snaps with the 1st team today. That pretty much tells me the story. He will be out there on Sunday in the second quarter. LOL