Report: Tomlin Not Happy With Jaguars Beat Writers 2007 Playoff Questions

This story is still developing and the information is second hand, but reportedly Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin hung up on the Jacksonville Jaguars beat writers today during his conference call after being peppered with questions about the 2007 playoff loss to the Jaguars.

Tania Ganguli, who covers the Jaguars for the Florida Times-Union, first tweeted, “Wow, Tomlin hung up on us because he didn\’t like getting a question about the 2007 playoff game.” Tomlin reportedly replied to one of those questions, “I understand that might have been a big game in Jacksonville, but that’s old news, anybody got questions relative to this week?” After a short pause and as the next question started, Tomlin said thanks & hung up.

You can\’t blame Tomlin for getting miffed, if indeed the line of questioning was mostly focused on the loss to Jaguars several years ago. The conference calls are for reporters to ask questions about the upcoming game, not re-hash old news.

It is too bad I did not talk to Vito Stellino after the call this afternoon as he was a guest of mine on the latest episode of The Terrible Podcast which will be up later this afternoon.


    Tomlin is indeed salty!

  • SteelersDepot

    lol. zing!

  • 76suited

    Well, why would you ask questions about a 2007 playoff game? Tomlin is right………

  • Biglou6061

    I really don’t think that, that line of questioning is pertainent to a current head coach getting ready for a game this week. To us sports fans we can debate things like this forever. tomlin being upset about ’07 perhaps. however i think the jags reports should be more focused on how they can’t fill up their stadium. perhaps they were just trying to drum up some business focusing on the good ole times. but as a Steeler fan we usually are focusing on the present until we need to bring out the ultimate trump card…..6 Superbowls to your……

    seriously though the jags have the four top corners of the stadium seats covered. i was in j-ville last weekend. a sad town and a sad site. Heinz Field has the seats filled each and every week.

    Focus on that aspect of your organization or you won’t have one very long jags………offs.

  • Lluvis

    “Hey, remember when you lost to us 4 years ago? Huh? You remember that?”

    “It’s old news. Ask me something relevant.”

    “Hey, remember when you lost to us 4 years ago? Huh? You remember that?”


    I can think of no better response. More rude? Yes. Better? No. Stop wasting the man’s time, idiots.

  • Feistess

    Sounds like Tomlin is just as annoyed as the rest of us with what constitutes “journalism” these days.

  • Kudos to Tomlin …bottom line.

  • Antpaschal

    I would not have answered that crap either. 2007 we wish we played that well now.