Aaron Smith Still Unsure Of Future Following Neck Surgery

Steelers defensive end Aaron Smith sat down with Teresa Varley for a very candid interview for the latest edition of “Steelers Speak”. Smith talked about another season coming to an abrupt end because of injury and told Varley how he came about knowing something was not right with his neck and how he is dealing with yet another season being placed on injured reserve.

Smith went on to talk about his relationship with Brett Keisel and how he enjoys teaching the young players like Ziggy Hood, Cameron Heyward and Steve McLendon.

The interview was conducted just after the Patriots game and Smith said that he was scheduled to have surgery this past week to have disc fused in his neck. It is unknown if that surgery has taken place yet, but Smith says the recover time following surgery is 6 weeks.

Varley asked Smith about his football future as well and here is that two question exchange.

Varley: What is your football future?

Smith: You know what, right now, I\’m just kind of sitting and enjoying relishing the moment. I think when the season comes to an end and we get a chance and my surgery is done and I am not emotionally involved in this, I think I\’ll sit back, me and my wife and my family and my friends, and we will sit back and come together and figure out what to do when we are not emotionally involved in the middle this.

Varley: Will there be fears playing again because of the neck?

Smith: I think that is something we will have to discuss when the time comes when we decide if that is something we want to do.

  • Smith should retire as a player, and become an assistant D-line coach for the Steelers. Smith was one of the best to ever play his position, and could continue making a contribution to the success of the Pittsburgh Steelers by developing their defensive lineman.

  • Sony_Vaio

    unsure? wow. isn’t the handwriting on the wall? When Joe greene retired in his last season, he knew because he’s on his as* more times than on his feet. Listen to that lil’ voice in your head; it often tells you the right thing what to do…

  • NW86

    Great interview. It’s unfortunate Aaron hasn’t been able to contribute too much on the field the past few years, but he’s a consummate pro and Steeler. You’ve gotta feel for the guy going through all this.

    Obviously the Steelers can’t pay Smith his multi-million salary next year and he’ll probably retire. If he doesn’t, here’s hoping they offer him a vet-minimum deal as Ziggy’s backup and let him finish out his career the way he wants to. He may not be durable enough to play a full season, but he could still contribute off the bench.