Flacco Fined $7500 For Same Type Horse Collar Tackle That Polamalu Was Fined $15,000 For

It was announced earlier today that Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco was fined $7,500 for his horse-collar tackle of Seahawks linebacker David Hawthorne in the third quarter of the Ravens 22-17 loss to Seattle last Sunday. The tackle happened after Flacco threw a pass that ended up being intercepted by Hawthorne. While I am glad to see Flacco was fined, it is curious as to why he was fined half what Steelers safety Troy Polamalu was fined for his horse-collar tackle on Ravens running back Ricky Williams back in week 1. Polamalu was fined $15,000 for his tackle. The minimum for such fine is $15,000 according to the league.

I agree that both of the tackles could have caused serious injury, but to say one was more egregious than the other and worth the extra $7,500 is pretty ludicrous. Was Polamalu fined more because he plays defense? If so, shouldn\’t the rules work both ways? The NFL is splitting hairs right here that it has no business doing and it is injustices such as this that drives Steeler Nation and the Steelers organization crazy. A horse-collar tackle is a horse-collar tackle. Both are penalized the same distance and both should be fined the same amount.

Here are some still screen shot pictures below of both tackles. You tell me what you think.

Joe Flacco Horse Collar Tackle 1

Joe Flacco Horse Collar Tackle 2

Joe Flacco Horse Collar Tackle 3

Joe Flacco Horse Collar Tackle 4

Troy Polamalu Horse Collar Tackle 1

Troy Polamalu Horse Collar Tackle 2

Troy Polamalu Horse Collar Tackle 3

Troy Polamalu Horse Collar Tackle 4

  • I see the difference, Flacco’s had ahold of both the jersey AND the shoulder pads…Troy’s seems to only be holding on to the jersey….

  • Daveb1952

    I suppose this is what we get for complaining to Heir Goodell.

  • I see the difference: black and gold uniforms
    is targetting the team or what?

  • Steelers43

    One of these days the player will get rid of this POS,GODdell. I love how Congress wants to get involved because of HGH testing and what they deem “cheating”. Where were they when the Pats were caught cheating. I would have loved to see the tapes that GODdell destroyed. Talk about Judge and Jury.They missed the boat during the new CBA. Should have held out until good old roger was fired.

  • Bradleyaoo7

    You know what kills me. Not only were the Patriots caught cheating. As soon as some of there Defensive players go somewhere else and they cant take HGH, they can’t make it. Vrabel just average as a steeler. Add Patriots and HGH all world.
    Rodney Harrison couldnt stay health as a Charger. Add patriots and HGH. Able to stay healthy and be a pro bowler. 3 HGH positive test, 4 game suspension has to stop HGH. Retires after that season. Now he looks like a kicker on NFL network

  • kevin

    I hate the Patriots as much as anyone, but I think you are a bit short on facts.

  • Intropy

    The difference is pretty obvious if you look at the pictures. Flacco put his hand inside the pads and pulled Hawthorne down. The penalty is justified, but I don’t think it was malicious or egregious and think a fine is unwarranted. Polamalu on the other hand put his hand inside the jersey but outside the shoulder pads, which is by definition not a horse collar tackle. No penalty or fine is justified.

  • guest

    But if the league states that the minimum fine is $15,000 then they both should have been fined $15,000. Its the same BS when Ray Lewis knocks Hines Ward out of the game with a helmet to helmet hit and no penalty yet Ryan Clark is penalized 15 yards for the same hit……Goodell hates the Steelers.

  • The fine was double because they fined me $7500, too. Like I’m gonna cough that up.