Report: James Harrison Likely To Be Fined For Helmet To Helmet Hit On Ray Rice

ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter reported tonight during halftime of the Eagles Bears Monday night football game that Steelers linebacker James Harrison will likely join teammate Ryan Clark and Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis as players that might be fined for hits during the Steelers Ravens Sunday night game.

I detailed the hits by both Clark and Lewis last night, but it was not until tonight that I decided to go back and look at the tape again to see the hit that Schefter was referencing in his report. The hit in question happened with 8:36 left in the third quarter after Ravens running back Ray Rice caught a short pass over the middle from quarterback Joe Flacco. Steelers linebacker Larry Foote tackled Rice right after the catch and immediately after hitting the ground, Harrison dove in and hit Rice helmet-to-helmet.

After the hit, it looked like both Rice and Ravens right tackle Michael Oher both took exception to the hit, but the players were quickly separated and play resumed. Harrison was not flagged on the play.

Heading into the game last night, the Steelers have had 10 different players fined this season for a total of $142,500. If indeed Clark and Harrison are fined, it will be the second time in as many weeks for Clark and the first time this season for Harrison.

You can see a screenshot picture of the Harrison hit on Rice below.

James Harrison helmet to helmet hit on Ray Rice

  • Pissed

    Ray Lewis “MIGHT” be fined??? MIGHT??? He knocked Hines Ward out of the game, for Christ’s sake!

  • Idk how the “worst” hit of the game, may have a fine. smh What has Goodell done to this sport and my Steelers??? I feel we were robbed. If we would have got the penalty flag for Hines’ hit, we would have had the extra 15 yards, and worse case scenario if we couldn’t score a td, we kick a fg, tying the game 23 all and going to overtime, thanks a lot ref for ruining it for my guys, dick!

  • Mikev489

    quit your griping about the refs. the Steelers were outcoached in all phases of the game. They don’t know how to hold a lead yet, and can’t coach to their strengths while recognizing their weaknesses.

    The hits were bad and the refs were terrible. What about the TD’s called back for a marginal holding penalty and the should have been TD at the goal line? Yes, the refs should have thrown the flag as they are typically flag happy for anything that looks close to a helmet to helmet. What they need to do is institute a replay of it. Can’t argue slowing the game down there because it is a pivitol penalty. Lewis will certainly be fined. I actually thought Clarks hit was one of the least dirty hits I’ve seen from him. Either way, by the rule…all three will get a fine.

  • Payback

    We will win the the third rematch against these chumps. I hope it is in Baltimore too!

  • Jon B

    Okay, Lewis lowered his head and Hines did the same damn thing on that play… No one was at fault, it’s damn near impossible to avoid helmet to helmet on every single play. What happened to the old days when the loud crack of a helmet got the fans all riled up? Take away the pads, and put flags on them, because that’s where pro football is going to end up at this rate… Fuck Goodell and fuck the refs, fuck the fines, and fuck pro football’s pussy attitudes

  • Jon B

    Yup, blame the last drive on the refs, blame that touchdown on them too, because I sure as hell as black and white throwing the passes and not a Ravens player… and DEFINITELY blame the refs because your team couldn’t get there field goal team on the field fast enough, and your coach was too dumb to call a TO… Blame ALL that on the refs!

  • Smheart78

    I agree that the refs blew the call about the 1st play TD run from Rice. But the goal line stand was a good call. There were – LITERALLY – 6 steelers covering Ray Rice few a couple seconds and the whistle blew. When they let up, Rice rolls into the endzone.

  • Jon B

    It’s hard to say if Rice would have gotten the touchdown because the NFL is soooo scared someone will get hurt… Someone gets hurt all the time… They moved the kickoff spot up to the 35 yard line to prevent injuries, what happens? San Diego’s kicker has a season ending injury! Now not saying that wouldn’t have happened anyway, but still, face facts, football is a hardcore sport, avoiding injuries is like trying to avoid death… At some point it’s gonna find you and bite you in the ass.