Ryan Clark & Ray Lewis Hits In Steelers Ravens Game Will Be Talked About All Week

There were two hits in the Steelers 23-20 loss to the Baltimore Ravens Sunday night at Heinz Field that everyone will be talking about for the next few days.

The first hit happened with just over 14 minutes left in the first half when quarterback Ben Roethlisberger looked to connect with Hines Ward on a pass over the middle. Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis hit Ward helmet-to-helmet after the catch and Ward dropped to the ground almost immediately as he seemed to be out on his feet. After slamming hard to the ground with his helmet the ball popped out. The play was challenged and eventually overturned and Lewis was not flagged on the play and Ward did not return after suffering from concussion-like symptoms. You can see a screenshot of the hit being initiated by Lewis below.

Ray Lewis helmet-to-helmet hit on Hines Ward

The second big hit in the game came with just under 30 seconds left in the first half as Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco hit tight end Ed Dickson in stride on a deep pass to the right side. Steelers free safety Ryan Clark was flagged for unnecessary roughness on the play after separating Dickson from the ball after leading with his shoulder. Dickson appeared to lower his helmet just before impact and the two players hit helmet to helmet as well. You can see a picture of the initial contact below.

Ryan Clark hit on Ed Dickson

Ryan Clark Hit On Ed Dickson helmet to helmet

One thing that is probably certain concerning these two hits is that both Lewis and Clark will be fined $15K each. Clark was fined $15K last week for a hit out of bounds on Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski. We will know for sure by Thursday at the latest as the fines should be made public by then. You can see the video replay of both hits in the game highlights on NFL.com

  • Mellymorales07

    U can see the zebras throwing flags on the steelers but not on the dirty birds. We were robbed on national television by the refs all the holding calls that where not called !! It a shame how we are being treated with all this BS it just makes me sick !!

  • Poor refs. When Ward gets hit, ref is looking right at them, no call. 2nd and 3fr picture shows refs not even looking and they throw a flag. Can you say payoff!

  • Lee

    Of course Ray Lewis doesn’t get flagged, I mean, he get’s away with “murder”

  • Matthew Dziabo

    How many others noticed, on Lewis’ pre-game hype-up talk, many of the Baltimore players’ eyes had yellow tints?

    This link might explain a lot.

    Maybe there should be fines & suspensions not just for dirty play and bounties, but for dirty blood from performance enhancers. At least they need tested immediately

  • The replay rules need to be changed, so that every part of the act in question, can be reviewed. If the refs are reviewing a play, and see a foul related to the play, they should be able to call the penalty.

  • Joe D

    ya know… ryan clark lowered to hit the chest/shoulder area… but the ravens player lowered his head which caused the helmut to helmut. What is clark to do?
    The defensless call by the ref I see… but I don’t see helmut to helmut penalty since opposing player lowered his head.
    ray on the other hand was clearly helmut hunting…

  • guitarman14

    if they did that then the steelers would not be able to field a team.

  • Matthew Dziabo

    It’s easy to hype up the juiced up for a big game. Erratic behavior fits Ravens M.O. (can’t get up for lesser teams Tennessee & Jacksonville).

    The yellow tinted eyes are a FACT.

  • Magicsmurf

    There was a hit on another Steelers receiver later in the game that was also helmet to helmet over the middle, pretty sure it was Antonio Brown. Unflagged of course. And Collinsworth noted something along the lines of receivers wouldn’t want to go over the middle anymore after shots like that. The D coughed it up late, but the double standard is annoying. The refs seemed completely out of it at times, calling 1st down instead of the touchdown after review at the end, calling the Ravens using their third timeout when it was their second, etc.

  • Bkkrom

    Why don’t the officials upstairs just call all the shots and get rid of the refs! They can’t seem to make any decisions on thier own anyway! It’s ‘selective sight’ and maybe they’re afraid of all the convicts on the Ravens team that makes them afraid to call penalties!!

  • guitarman14

    just like the steelers got up for the houston texans?? ravens may be erratic but they don’t have the dirty m.o. of the steelers. provide your proof for your “fact”; otherwise keep your gossip on your washline.

  • guitarman14

    that’s exactly what happened to ray lewis. he was hunting helmets with one hand and snipes with the other. when he went to make the tackle, ward used his helmet to hit ray’s helmet. refs missed that one on ward.

    with respect to what clark should do, he should learn to play the game without resorting to the dirty stuff.

    on a serious note, both players need to clean up the dirty stuff.

  • DavCal77

    There has always been bias against the Steelers. Ray Lewis will likely not be fined unless more people talk about it. And Clark’s hit WILL be fine’able unless more people talk about it.
    One hit was a “spear” and the other was from a safe “angle”.
    The ref’s are not smart enough to be paid for their bias. They’re just looking for it…maybe even subconsciously. No matter, it should be brought to the league’s attention every time.
    I wonder how many apology letters the Steelers have had versus the rest of the league for bad officiating. I’d bet Steelers are #1 in this too.

  • Aeiker

    Lewis only gets fined $15K, but wait if James Harrison would of hit helmet to helmet or even close to helmet to helmet he would of been fined $50K. It’s BS how such a great team and organization get screwed year after year. That’s why we are the Steelers nothing breaks us down.

  • Labadeeluver

    The helmet to helmet hit on Hines Ward was likely a ‘designed play’ called for WHOEVER could get him first. That is raven football and lewis bragged there is ‘a bounty’ on Ward a long time ago ..

  • Labadeeluver

    I don’t think there are payoffs – just poor officiating
    NFL should fine/suspend/discipline officials who can’t get the job done

  • Labadeeluver

    how about sugg sticking his slobbering face on the camera after his interception .. how gross and definitely ‘spaced out’ but maybe that is natural.
    On the other hand he did make a great play there! He had a right to ‘crow’

  • guitarman14

    that’s pretty gross; but what’s even grosser is ward showing his face on the sidelines without putting a bag over it.

  • Matthew Dziabo

    Proof? I watched the game.
    Thank you guitarman14. I feel much better knowing I got some effing troll ticked off. Count yourself lucky to have a team to root for. I grew up around Baltimore and it smells really bad. Fittingly, an ugly team for ugly people. There’s also a framed photo of Mayflower trucks on my wall.

  • Pcbrown_4604

    Really? That is pitiful. It was a good, hard fought game by 2 very good football teams. Ravens got the better at the end of the day on this one, but these 2 franchises have a lot more football in them and more gritty games for us to talk about. Get over it dude, week 10 is in front of us and both teams need to get a win. I am a die hard Ravens fan, true, but I want to see no want hurt. Ray isn’t a dirty player by anyones standard. I think if you step back and take an objective look you would agree, but that’s what makes us fans. We can second string quarter back all day and night. I appreciate your loyalty, but this one is over…. Pittsburgh and Baltimore need to worry about Cincinnati who is quietly making a run for the AFC title, how about that?

  • guitarman14

    wow, matt hew, how long did it take you to think all that up? so your proof is you watched the game? well, you’ve established that you have trouble comprehending concepts such as providing proof. sounds like you are the only troll who is ticked off.
    like i said, keep your gossip on your wash line because you have nothing to offer.

    and any stench in baltimore went away when you left.. and good riddance. (any ugliness went away, too) keep looking at your mayflower posters, that’s a real good team they moved. just the kind for you to support, you loser.

  • Pcbrown_4604

    Something is wrong with you!

  • guitarman14

    they are more afraid of the rapists and terrorist supporters on the steelers team.

  • Pcbrown_4604

    I’m a die hard Ravens fan who truly hopes Ward is OK. At the end of the day, this is work and these guys have life after football. Everything else posted, mine included is just good RHETORIC!!!! Somebody needs to paying attention to the Bengals who are quietly making their play for AFC Champs! Huh Man!

  • guitarman14

    you got to be kidding. the steelers get every favorable call possible. they are the dirtiest team in football and get away with many plays that injure players. only lately has the league officials opened their eyes and seen the kind of cheap shots the steelers take. that is why a thug like harrison gets fined.

  • Pcbrown_4604

    Interesting banter…. but gratefully that is all it is

  • Pcbrown_4604

    It’s game time boys and girls… lets watch for some more interesting yet meaningless stuff to talk about… deuces!

  • Bradleyaoo7

    Congratulations!!! Harbaugh got his gatorade bath and back to back super bowl wins.. Week 1 and 9 Hes classless and cant win a big game. So he has to get his bath in the regular season. I have never seen that before. Classy

  • Bradleyaoo7

    Your out of your mind. Clark led with his shoulder

  • Bradleyaoo7

    Ravens are the dirtiest team in football. Win at all cost. Go play your made in china guitar

  • Bradleyaoo7

    All games I watched this week. The officiating was god awful. Here was a bunch of none calls in the Buffalo game. I saw 3 obvious pass interference calls that were not made.

  • TheTruth

    I used to love tackling people! You would give it your all every play to stop the other guys. Now, they’re telling these guys that they have to slow it down a bit!

    What do you get when one guy is going 100% and the other is only going 75%? Profesional Wrestling!

    who benefits when these recievers and QBs are breaking old records. Not hard when you can do what you want and not have to worry about anything.

  • Sarah Montanez

    Dirtiest team? SERIOUSLY?! I know Hines is a dirty player, he was even voted that by people on his own team, but to call the team dirty is just absurd. There was a penalty in the game that should have been called on Gay but it wasn’t. Once again, poor officiating. I blame the refs more than the teams on this game. Both teams ALWAYS play dirty against each other, I mean come on, pretty much the biggest rivalry in the NFL; the Ravens just got away with more than the Steelers this game. I would really like these displays of being the dirtiest team in the NFL. Guarantee I can show you the same from the Ravens.

  • Sarah Montanez

    Both of you seem like 12-year-olds with a computer… Just stop. You’re making both fan groups look bad.

  • Sarah Montanez

    Haha. You’re such a troll it’s actually funny.

  • Matthew Dziabo

    I apologize. At first I was just blowing off steam after they lost. Later I was just being facetious.

  • guitarman14

    obviously you haven’t watched any steelers game, because if you had, then you would know they are the dirtiest team in all of sports.

    and here’s a surprise, many of the products you use are made in china (ever hear of a company called apple?) although why you brought it up in the first place is a mystery. but i guess it goes along with your inability to comprehend and understand.

  • guitarman14

    yes, ma’am.

  • guitarman14

    you need glasses if you think that. were you even tuned in to the correct channel?

  • guitarman14

    now, now, it is not nice to be name calling.

  • guitarman14

    i agree ravens aren’t all saints, but let’s tally up the fines for late hits and see where both teams stand. i know both teams play hard and that is what we fans want to see. but to hit a guy out of bounds or to jump on him after he has already been tackled is inexcusable. look at the harrison hit on ray rice.

  • guitarman14

    hey matt,
    steelers are a great football team. i just think they are over the top with some of the hits.

  • Iandi00

    This is FOOTBALL man! Steelers, Ravens, Bears and Packers hit hard bro. Thats real football man. You would call the players of the 70s n 80s dirty players? Hell the steelers d of the late 70s, Bears of the mid 80s, Vikins and D Jones hit hard. Thats what really football is bro.

  • The still shots show it perfectly you morons. Lewis’ is tackling upright while Clark is looking down with his helmet clearly leading. These aren’t even close to being the same type of tackle

  • RayLewisDidIt

    The boys in lavender will be taken care of in the playoffs. Teams like the Ravens get all the calls (5 first-and-goals handed to them in the last 2weeks) during the regular season, but not as many in the playoffs.

  • Revenge66

    You’ve got to be kidding. The team in lavender has been handed 5 first-and-goals in the last 2 weeks. They would have gotten another had they not scored the touchdown at the end of the game and on that play it should have been offsetting penalties at best.

  • lsz

    agreed… get over it… we could all cry about what was ” missed ” onward to this week and we’ll see pittsburgh again in Jan. !!



  • in my opinion the whole officiating crew of this game should be fined ! Not only is there a big difference between the two hits but these guys didnt even access the ten yards on the holding penalty after the first play of the game.reason? If football is a game of inches what is ten yards worth between these 2 teams?

  • Are you kidding, Stealers=dirtiest team in football and biggest cheap shot artists. Comes back around, doesn’t it?

  • Hiney Ward and the hairball are the 2 dirtiest players in the game,I love to see them get smacked around a little. Pig Pen can overpower girls, not real men…Ravens RULE !

  • Ap324life@yahoo.com

    this is football. If there cant be hard hits then whats the point?