Steelers Six From Around The Web – November 21st – If The Season Ended Today Playoff Picture Edition

The hot topic today will be the reversal of the Jermaine Gresham touchdown in the Bengals Ravens game. Here is the video of the play. The Bengals of course ended up losing and the Steelers are now in second in the division behind the Ravens.

Regardless of what happens tonight in the Patriots game against the Chiefs, the Steelers would be the 5th seed if the season ended Monday night and they would play the Raiders in one of the Wild Card games. The Bengals would also qualify as the 6th seed and give the AFC North 3 teams in the playoffs.

Mark Kaboly takes a close look at the success of the wide receiver screen play used by the Steelers so far this season. This truth will offend many of the Bruce Arians haters.

Ed Bouchette wrote Sunday that he thinks Hines Ward deserved more of an explanation ahead of time from head coach Mike Tomlin and the coaching staff as to why his playing time was diminished against the Bengals.

Ramon Foster is the latest Steelers player to sit down for an interview with Teresa Varley for the latest edition of the Steelers Speak.

Per request from readers and Twitter followers, I posted my early look at the Steelers 2012 draft needs as they stand right now through the first 10 games.

  • alberto

    Dave, can we make a push to have the Calvin Johnson rule amended? The spirit of the rule is clear, to invalidate a catch when the receiver has the ball pressed against his body but not really controlled, which lack of control is revealed by the ball coming loose after the receiver hits the ground. The problem is that the refs have to call it like they did yesterday on the Gresham play, following the letter of the rule, because the rule is mising a key exception: when the receiver has the ball grasped in his hand. There is no better evidence of control than a receiver holding the ball in his hand, away from his body, without the ball moving (unless the game was being played in the moon or another zero-gavity environment). It is shameful to see the leading football league in the land invalidating clear catches because of a poorly written rule.