Steelers Mike Tomlin Ravens Post Game Press Conference Week 9

Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin held his post game press conference following the Steelers 23-20 loss Sunday night at Heinz Field to the Baltimore Ravens. Tomlin says they just were not able to get the job done tonight. Tomlin said Baltimore earned it tonight and they made some plays.

When asked about what happened on the late delay of game on the field goal try, Tomlin said he sent the field goal team out late as he had hesitation because of the length and the recent change in personnel with a new holder.

Injury wise, Tomlin said Hines Ward was suffering from concussion-like symptoms and did not return. Arnaz Battle suffered a hamstring injury and also did not return.

You can listed to the post game presser audio below.

  • burgh_fan

    Ok fine he sent them out late, I understand that but why then do you not use one of your two remaining timeouts?

    Just poor clock management and non-existent 3rd down defense. Add in a crushing interception and you get what we saw tonight, a game that is nearly impossible to win.

  • David Nguyen

    Big Tomlin supporter here but he absolutely dropped the ball there. Besides that the secondary was pretty awful and the pressure was just not there tonight without Woodley.

    This one burns a bit more since it was the dirty-stinking Ratbirds and they vbetter not take this game next week lightly.

  • Blzraven27

    Please you steeper fans are babies always making excuses you for all the calls tonight we had a td on the first play we had a couple other calls go your way excuses excuses flacco swept y’all he has figured ut your defense flacco is the best qb in against pitt and that’s a fact congrats you. Played us tough amazing game from harrison and big ben excited to see y’all again in the playoffs but this time it’d gonna be baltimore. Amazing game goodluck in the 2nd half of the season well di our best to remove cincy do the same.

  • Jimbenson10

    There was no defensive interference by Gay on the last TD, if anything it was offensive interference. The zebras facilitated this win for Balti-less. The delay of game by the Steelers blows my mind just like last weeks poor decision making at the end of the game…dropping back to pass and not running.

  • Mghall20879

    Where the NFL comissioner when you needhim ; that hit was so intentional on hines ward

  • guitarman14

    dude, smith caught the pass; interference is a moot point. (but, it was defensive pass interference.)

  • axel718

    Blzraven……other calls go Pittsburgh’s way?? Like the helmet to helmet no call on Ray Lewis??? Or the 15 yarder against Ryan Clark, which by the way set up a field goal, which is also the 3 points the Ravens won by……. Or how about the tackle in the end zone on Antonio Brown that was another no call??? Or how Mckinnie tackled Harrison all night, again no call……yeah you’re right all the calls went Pittsburghs way.

  • guitarman14

    how about the pittsburgh corners grabbing on to the ravens receivers all night? it looked like they wanted to dance.

  • Rnvarney35

    guitarman…REALLY!!!…….hmmm Ray Lewis was fined but no penalty called??? same ole story……..bottom line is DESPITE the horrible calls we were in it til the end……prevent defense prevented us from winning the game……end of story…..Baltimore wins………….lesson learned…..and there will be a next time……and I love how Ray Rice sold Flacco down the river and got the HELL out of Harrison’s way………LOL WTG Ray Ray………..

  • Bradleyaoo7

    Ray Rice is a chicken shit

  • Joed32

    They obviously never intended to try the long field goal, opting to take the penalty to give the punter more room to pin them deep. That part worked.

  • tongue

    how come the steelers got a 15 yd penalty when they inadvertantly made slight contact to a helmet but when Heinz Ward was blatantly hit in the head noo penalty was called? and wae the player fined?

  • Tiffanylferrell

    does anyone know where i can get that hoodie that Mike Tomlin was wearing at ravesn/steelers game?

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