Steelers Week 12 Coverage Stats Versus Chiefs

Below are the Steelers coverage stats for the week 12 Sunday night game against the Kansas City Chiefs. These stats are broken down by play and include down and distance, line of scrimmage, direction, yards gained, yards after catch, personnel the offense used, defensive package, number of pass rushers and whether or not the defense blitzed on the play.

The Steelers defense allowed a 64% completion rate on the night, but 8 of those 18 completions of Tyler Palko were of the screen variety that were caught at or behind the line of scrimmage. This is why there are so many N/A listed in coverage this week as those are hard to pin on a defender. 71 yards after catch came on those 8 screen plays with only 18 more yards after the catch coming on the other 10 completions.

Ike Taylor was targeted the most and gave up just 4 catches on 8 targets. He also had an interception and should have had a second one.

Coverage Stats By Play

2-6KC 34YES82-D.BoweN/A911215NOBASE
3-5KC 48YES82-D.Bowe24-I.Taylor251114NOBASE
2-7PIT 24YES68-S.Maneri43-T.Polamalu12115YESBASE
3-6PIT 23NO15-S.Breaston22-W.Gay00115YESNICKEL
1-10KC 20YES45-L.Pope51-J.Farrior98124NOBASE
1-10KC 30YES20-T.JonesN/A77123NOBASE
1-10KC 8NO15-S.Breaston24-I.Taylor00124NOBASE
1-10KC 20NO82-D.Bowe24-I.Taylor00214NOBASE
3-6KC 22YES82-D.BoweN/A57115YESNICKEL
3-4KC 37YES15-S.Breaston24-I.Taylor184104NODIME
3-6PIT 31NO26-J.Battle93-J.Worilds00115YESNICKEL
3-9KC 40NO82-D.Bowe29-R.Mundy00105YESNICKEL
1-10KC 20NO15-S.Breaston24-I.Taylor00214NOBASE
2-10KC 20YES15-S.Breaston29-R.Mundy91113NOBASE
2-10KC 45NO82-D.Bowe22-W.Gay00115YESBASE
1-10KC 8YES82-D.BoweN/A1719115NOBASE
2-9KC 26YES15-S.BreastonN/A913113NONICKEL
1-10KC 35YES82-D.Bowe51-J.Farrior50114YESBASE
2-9KC 31YES22-D.McClusterN/A56115YESNICKEL
3-4KC 36YES89-J.Baldwin24-I.Taylor61115YESNICKEL
2-6KC 46NO15-S.Breaston23-K.Lewis00115YESNICKEL
3-6KC 46YES82-D.BoweN/A-10115YESNICKEL
4-7KC 45YES82-D.Bowe23-K.Lewis91116YESNICKEL
1-10PIT 46NO88-A.Becht93-J.Worilds00115YESNICKEL
2-10PIT 46YES22-D.McClusterN/A68115YESNICKEL
3-4PIT 40YES15-S.Breaston29-R.Mundy80114NONICKEL
1-15PIT 37NO82-D.Bowe23-K.Lewis00103NONICKEL

Coverage Stats By Player

22-W.Gay 2 0 0% 0 0.0 0 0 0
93-J.Worilds 2 0 0% 0 0.0 0 0 0
23-K.Lewis 3 1 33% 9 3.0 1 0 1
24-I.Taylor 7 4 57% 69 9.9 6 0 1
29-R.Mundy 3 2 67% 17 5.7 1 0 1
43-T.Polamalu 1 1 100% 1 0.0 2 0 0
51-J.Farrior 2 2 100% 14 7.0 8 0 0
N/A 8 8 100% 57 7.1 71 0 0

  • Kalan

    Hey Dave, you have no idea how much i appreciate your in depth coverage of the steelers, its awesome. With that being said, i have a couple of questions about the defense. Maybe its the teams that we have been facing as of late, but why haven’t we seen the dime package as much as we were seeing earlier? You wrote an excellent article after the NE victory about how we have been preparing for a slight culture change on defense because of the defensive backs we have been drafting due to the difficulties in running our zone scheme with the field being spread out. Yet next week its not even in use against Baltimore until (correct me if im wrong) the final series, which may have been a bit to late (maybe it was because of the execution, like press coverage that deep in our territory…Really?).

    I found the dime package very effective, especially with our ability to create pressure with 4 rushers, which will most definitely increase once Woodley comes back. I strongly believe we need this in order to win the Super Bowl this year. I know turnovers did us in last year, and without those we win, but lets not act like GB didnt drop passes. Our DBs have played very well in my opinion and with the very solid high level of play from Taylor, Gay’s large improvement, the emergence of Lewis (who i think has a bright future), and solid contributions from Cortez Allen those near sacks that Woodley had in SBV become sacks.

    We may have to see NE one more time, but defending them is a lot different than say several of the teams that can come out of the NFC with the ability to spread the field, the Packers, Saints, and even the Atlanta Falcons come to mind, although their QB has nothing on the other two. This is why i feel the dime package is important. What do think about this?

    And one more question, why do you dislike us deferring the ball to the second half? I’ve always been a fan of it.

  • Hey guys. I am trying to figure out what kind of defense it was where it was either the 1st and 10 on the 20 or 30 earlier in the game(I am leaning towards it being the Jones play at the snap from the 30 and not the earlier Pope from the 20). It seemed like a bunch of Steelers just backed off into an intermediate zone on the defense’s left side. In this chart, it says they were in a base defense. It made no sense , considering it was a slow developing play, why not a single one of those LBs saw that there were so many LBs clustered 10 yards away where not a single Chief was present but did not bother to move back towards the RT’s region in case one of their receivers or TEs peeled off of a block.

    Shouldn’t there be a LB assigned to be the aggressor and adjust to play closer in case there was way too many Steelers in an empty zone far away from the LOS, if that makes sense? I was thinking Farrior should have adjusted and moved a second earlier towards that spot and less than 7 yards would have been gained. Just curious as I am not a guy who played the game at a serious level.

  • Eye-In-The-Sky

    I love these after thanksgiving battles, teams nicked up with their backs to the wall, guys tryin’ to stick around for next year…it all makes for some great football. The W is all that counts.

    We played a lot more base than we have in past weeks, and it worked. The secondary is fine and getting better, let’s see what they can do with a quick second look at Andy Dalton and A.J. Green. I don’t expect we’ll see as much base D,