Steelers Week 9 Coverage Stats Versus Ravens

Below are the Steelers coverage stats for the week 9 Sunday night game against the Baltimore Ravens. They are broken down by play and include down and distance, line of scrimmage, direction, yards gained, yards after catch, personnel the offense used, defensive package, number of pass rushers and whether or not the defense blitzed on the play.

The thing that is not reflected in the stats, that I will likely start including going forward, is the amount of drops by the wide receivers as Torrey Smith dropped 4 balls and Anquan Boldin dropped 2. Also both William Gay and Ike Taylor each had accepted pass interference calls against them.

You do not need these stats to know how bad Gay was Sunday night if you saw the game. Taylor also was not able to jam Boldin off the line of scrimmage well and Boldin found it easy to get separation no matter who he lined up against.

Both Keenan Lewis and Cortez Allen are not off the hook either as they both gave up receptions on every ball thrown their way.

The defense also gave up 4 explosive plays of 20 yards or more on the night, 3 of which saw Gay in coverage.

I also documented yesterday how well Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco was on 3rd and long and that played a big part in this game.

This was by far the worst performance the Steelers defense has had this season as far as coverage went.

Coverage Stats By Play

3-2BAL 32YES34-R.Williams93-J.Worilds118124NOBASE
2-8BAL 45YES27-R.RiceN/A27213NOBASE
3-6BAL 47YES88-D.Pitta22-W.Gay235125YESDIME
2-7PIT 27NO81-A.Boldin24-I.Taylor00127YESBASE
3-7PIT 27YES81-A.Boldin24-I.Taylor158126YESDIME
1-1PIT 1NO88-D.Pitta25-R.Clark00237NOGOAL
3-7BAL 35YES88-D.Pitta28-C.Allen82125YESDIME
2-9BAL 44NO82-T.Smith22-W.Gay00214YESBASE
3-9BAL 44YES82-T.Smith23-K.Lewis293124YESDIME
3-5PIT 22NO84-E.Dickson22-W.Gay00125YESDIME
1-10BAL 41NO84-E.Dickson43-T.Polamalu00214NOBASE
2-10BAL 41NO82-T.Smith22-W.Gay00124YESBASE
3-10BAL 41YES15-L.Williams23-K.Lewis151114NODIME
3-4PIT 38YES88-D.Pitta22-W.Gay5-3125YESNICKEL
2-11PIT 34YES27-R.RiceN/A910124YESBASE
1-10BAL 23NO82-T.Smith22-W.Gay00214YESBASE
3-10BAL 23NO88-D.Pitta22-W.Gay00125YESDIME
1-10BAL 45YES81-A.Boldin24-I.Taylor13-2113NODIME
1-10PIT 42NO81-A.Boldin24-I.Taylor110115YESNICKEL
2-15PIT 47YES27-R.Rice25-R.Clark145125YESNICKEL
2-7BAL 32YES82-T.Smith24-I.Taylor22125YESBASE
3-5BAL 34YES88-D.Pitta23-K.Lewis60124NODIME
1-10BAL 40YES27-R.Rice50-L.Foote77214NOBASE
2-3BAL 47YES82-T.Smith22-W.Gay02215YESBASE
3-3BAL 47YES88-D.Pitta23-K.Lewis41123NODIME
2-9PIT 48YES84-E.Dickson92-J.Harrison6-1123NOBASE
3-3PIT 42YES27-R.Rice99-B.Keisel1110124YESNICKEL
1-4PIT 4NO81-A.Boldin25-R.Clark00216NOGOAL
3-10BAL 20YES82-T.Smith28-C.Allen144114NODIME
1-10BAL 34YES44-V.Leach50-L.Foote55215NOBASE
3-5PIT 47YES81-A.Boldin24-I.Taylor92124YESNICKEL
1-10BAL 23NO27-R.Rice99-B.Keisel00123NOBASE
2-10BAL 23NO82-T.Smith22-W.Gay00125YESBASE
3-10BAL 23NO88-D.Pitta29-R.Mundy00124YESDIME
1-10BAL 8NO84-E.Dickson25-R.Clark00124NODIME
2-10BAL 8YES81-A.Boldin22-W.Gay216114NONICKEL
1-10BAL 29YES15-L.Williams23-K.Lewis130114NODIME
1-10BAL 42NO27-R.RiceN/A00114YESNICKEL
2-10BAL 42YES81-A.Boldin22-W.Gay91114YESNICKEL
3-1PIT 49NO15-L.Williams50-L.Foote00114NONICKEL
4-1PIT 49YES81-A.Boldin22-W.Gay101114NONICKEL
1-10PIT 39YES84-E.Dickson25-R.Clark20114NONICKEL
2-8PIT 37NO82-T.Smith24-I.Taylor00115YESNICKEL
3-8PIT 37YES81-A.Boldin24-I.Taylor11-1113NODIME
1-10PIT 26NO16-D.Reed24-I.Taylor00115YESDIME
2-10PIT 26NO81-A.Boldin22-W.Gay00114YESDIME
3-10PIT 26YES82-T.Smith22-W.Gay260113NODIME

Coverage Stats By Player

43-T.Polamalu 1 0 0% 0 0.0 0 0 0
29-R.Mundy 1 0 0% 0 0.0 0 0 0
25-R.Clark 5 2 40% 16 3.2 5 0 0
22-W.Gay 14 7 50% 94 6.7 12 1 0
99-B.Keisel 2 1 50% 11 5.5 10 0 0
24-I.Taylor 9 5 56% 61 6.8 9 0 0
50-L.Foote 3 2 67% 12 4.0 12 0 0
N/A 3 2 67% 11 3.7 17 0 0
23-K.Lewis 5 5 100% 67 13.4 5 0 0
28-C.Allen 2 2 100% 22 11.0 6 0 0
92-J.Harrison 1 1 100% 6 6.0 -1 0 0
93-J.Worilds 1 1 100% 11 11.0 8 0 0

  • Dgh57

    After the “Lake effect” post last week and after the Patriots game I had high hopes the DBs had finally turned the corner for the better!! Those hopes have come CRASHING down for me!! I don’t know what the Ravens were doing different from the Patriots game but it looked like they couldn’t cover anything!!
    They really STUNK it up on third down when they were needed the most! Then add in those STUPID pass interference penalties sure didn’t help matters any! Consistency will not factor into play with these DBs in my book till they PROVE it to me!

    Thankfully the O-Line played good or it would of been a complete disaster!!

    GO STEELERS!!!!!!!

  • gdeuce

    Willie Gay didnt respect Smith’s speed, and it burned him on the last play

  • CoverCorner

    It wasn’t their best outing, but to say the DBs stunk it up is going a bit far. They played good enough to win, the offense just didn’t score. The NFL is filled with some great receivers, they will catch some balls. Those of you in dreamland thinking the DB’s should stop every pass need to wake up.

    Gay had a size mismatch with Boldin, Ike had a speed problem with Smith, and Lewis I think did fairly well. The one long pass (29 yds) had good coverage, just a great back shoulder throw, which Lewis challenged but Smith did a good job of hanging on. The others were catches underneath the zone with no YAC. Not a bad day.

    I will flag the coaching for not putting Lewis on Smith all over the field, particularly on that last drive. He ran past Ike and Gay, but never once got behind Lewis. I guess they are still learning their toolbox.

    Overall, we loss but didn’t get beaten, no time to panic, its a long season.

  • gdeuce

    the TD catch was behind William Gay. Lewis usually plays outside, and Gay moves inside, so Lewis should have been covering Smith on the TD play.

  • CoverCorner

    Lewis was on the other side manned up against Reed (16), who is fast, but not as fast as Smith. Ike was in the slot vs Boldin. I could understand gluing Ike to Boldin, but they should have also glued Keenan to Smith. I think Gay could have handled Reed.

  • burgh_fan

    I understand why you put the TD on Gay (he did indeed have the coverage) but really that was Clark’s play. I guess no real way to denote that here.

  • Thomas

    I’d say they were all feeling themselves a little bit after that New England game and covering all those receivers that can’t run and aren’t physical at the line, that’s the opposite of what the Ravens receivers are. Since it’s worked so well in the past might as well just run the defense they usually run against the Ravens with the deep corners. That was terrible gaff by Clark on the last play of the game, should have been a pick.

  • Eye-The-In-Sky

    I didn’t see the secondary as the problem either. Flacco ended up with more yards than I thought, but…

    I agree with CC, coming into the game I expected to see Ike on Boldin and Lewis on Smith all night. The Ravens kept us in the base D (and Lewis off the field) more than I expected.

    I can’t figure out Clark on that last play, I heard the argument about helping Ike with Boldin, but with 14 seconds left, why would you be so concerned with a pass in the middle of the field.
    It seems at the snap his main concern would have been Gay on Smith. I think it was a mental lapse.

    Bottom line, Gay should be in the slot, and Lewis the #2 corner.

  • Dgh57

    Never said I expected our DBs to stop every pass! Put a Hall of Fame defensive backfield from all history of football back there and passes will still be completed! But to let a QB like Flacco to drive 92 yards to beat you against a top passing defense people are going to 1st point figures at the DBs!

    Agree with the mismatches and injuries to Woodley and Farrior didn’t help either. Ike didn’t have a speed problem! Next to Wallace he is the fastest player on the team!

    But once again, we’re talking about a 92 yard drive here.

  • CoverCorner

    I get your point, and the DBs have to share in the resposibility, along with the pass rush.

    Ike is the best overall corner on the team, but the second fastest player….no way. maybe top 5, maybe

  • Guest

    Fatigue was a factor. Playing man coverage is more tiring with the number of snaps. Avoiding an extra possesion in the second half may have been a reason for the coin toss defer. I know the db’s will say they can run all day. But does Ike covering kickoffs affect his energy late? But I still like the talent level of this year’s team. Gay included.

    A game like that is upsetting but not worrying. This era of Steelers seems the tightest group in the 20+ years I’ve seen. I no longer underestimate that reason for their success. Their ability to keep that going with some younger guys playing more prominent roles will determine how far they go.

  • Dgh57

    If you go back far enough in this blog I don’t remember there is all kinds of post about how fast Ike Taylor is and how Wallace and Taylor should race each other to settle it! Far as I know they never had this race.

    O well, if the Steelers get at least 1 more 1st down when they had the lead before the final Ravens drive we wouldn’t be having any debate about who was at fault for this loss!

    It will take me a while to get over this game!

  • CoverCorner

    I say line up Wallace, Brown, Sanders, Lewis, Allen and Taylor. I think the old man would be near the back of that pack 🙂 Don’t get me wrong, He is very fast….for his age.

    I’m with you on that last offensive drive. 1 first down to start the kneel down, and we ran 3 of the worst plays of the year. WoW

  • Dgh57

    Ike Taylor is matched up with the other teams best receiver. Do you think that is wise if he is not as fast as them?

    Those blog post was I’m sure from training camp 2010. In it the talk was about both Wallace & Taylor being sub 4.3 in the 40 yard dash! Those other guys were not mentioned because I guess they all don’t run a sub 3.4. Taylor keeps himself in great shape and trains hard even in the off season!

    Remember Darrell Green of the Redskins? Some thought he was the fastest player in the NFL at the time and he was like north of 36 at the time! So because Taylor is 31 doesn’t mean much to me when you have a guy that some call a “workout warrior” at CB!