Hines Ward Career Regular Season Receptions Broken Down By Opponent

Pittsburgh Steelers veteran receiver Hines Ward needs just 5 catches on Sunday against the Cleveland Browns to reach 1,000 regular season receptions for his career.

With Ward on the cusp of such a great feat, I thought I would post the career receptions of Ward by opponent. You can see in the table below that Ward has done well against the teams from Ohio as he has played against them twice a year since coming into the league. 252 of his career receptions, 25% of all of his regular season catches, have come against the Browns and the Cincinnati Bengals. In addition to his receptions, 25 of his 85 career regular season touchdown receptions have also come against the Browns and Bengals.

Ward has at least 6 receptions or more against every team in the NFL and at least 51 receiving yards. He has scored a receiving touchdown against all but 6 teams in addition. Pretty amazing stats no matter how you slice them up and hopefully Ward can get his 5 catches on Sunday and the Steelers get the win right down the road from Canton, Ohio.

Hines Ward Career Regular Season Receptions By Opponent

CIN 131 1588 15
CLE 121 1466 10
BAL 108 1320 6
TEN 70 838 7
JAC 57 705 5
OAK 39 480 3
MIA 39 447 3
SD 39 499 1
KC 36 433 3
NE 30 353 4
DEN 29 330 2
BUF 29 319 1
ATL 28 446 4
NYJ 23 329 0
HOU 22 255 4
IND 19 233 3
NYG 18 228 0
DET 17 227 2
STL 15 181 2
CAR 15 176 1
SEA 14 117 1
NO 13 146 2
TB 13 174 1
GB 10 194 0
DAL 10 78 0
ARI 9 85 2
CHI 9 84 1
SF 9 77 1
WAS 9 112 0
PHI 8 88 1
MIN 6 51 0
  • Steeler4Life

    It will be a shame if Hines Ward does not reach his 1000 receptions in this season and especially with the Steelers. Had he received the respect he deserves, this wouldn’t even be an issue at this point as he would have reached that milestone games ago. Even with his decreased playing time, way more than 5 times I’ve noticed Ward open only to watch the ball thrown another direction. On more than one of those occasions the pass was incomplete due to the targeted receiver having a defender in position to defend the pass. Plain and simple, Hines Ward deserves better. From his coaches and from his QB.
    I love the Steelers and have since I was 8 years old, which was back in the 60’s I hate to admit… but I am very disappointed in how they have handled such a special accomplishment for Hines. The idea of him reaching that accomplishment with another team next year is a very sad one for both for Hines Ward, Steeler Nation and the Steeler organization. It was not necessary if indeed it becomes reality when the clock reaches zero at the end of the 4th qtr in Cleveland on Sunday.