James Harrison Appeal Of One Game Suspension Denied

The appeal of Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison has been denied today and in other words, the suspension has been upheld. The appeal was heard by Ted Cottrell, who is jointly appointed by both the NFL and NFLPA to hear appeals for the league.

Harrison was suspended Tuesday for one game for his helmet-to-helmet hit last Thursday night on Cleveland Browns quarterback Colt McCoy. McCoy had left the pocket on the play with the ball tucked under his arm, but threw at the last minute as Harrison was closing quickly. Harrison hit McCoy in the facemask with his helmet and McCoy flew backwards.

The Steelers play the San Francisco 49ers on Monday night in Week 15 and will now do so without the services of Harrison.

Below is the statement from the NFL on Harrison:

NFL-NFLPA on-field appeals officer Ted Cottrell upheld the one-game suspension imposed on James Harrison by NFL Executive Vice President Ray Anderson for making impermissible helmet-to-helmet contact with Cleveland quarterback Colt McCoy. Under the NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement, Cottrell is one of two officers jointly appointed and compensated by the NFL and NFLPA to decide the appeals of on-field player discipline. Art Shell is the other NFL-NFLPA appeals officer for on-field violations.

  • Alberto

    It is impossible to draft perfect rules, free of grey areas. We just need smarter, more professional, un-biased individuals enforcing them.

  • Timb

    He should feel damn lucky he only got 1 game. That was a cheap, lame ass hit. In other words, exactly what I’d expect from a punk that reviews that same tape and thinks it solidifies his “toughness.” Appeal; yeah, right.

  • Pete

    That was a great Steelers hit! Too bad this p&*** ass league feels flag football is better to watch. One would like to think McCoy would think twice about scrambling out of the pocket with James lurking but quite the opposite. Just as Greg Lloyd said, “The game is getting soft. Its getting softer.” Goodell is going to make players like James extinct.