James Harrison Appeal To Be Heard Today At 2 Eastern Time

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison reportedly will have his appeal for his one game suspension heard today via a phone conversation at 2:00 p.m. eastern time according to ESPN reporter Josina Anderson. Appeals officer Ted Cottrell will preside over the appeal.

Cottrell was a defensive coach in the league for 30 years and is one of two people hired and paid jointly by the league and the NFLPA to hear player appeals. The argument that Harrison will likely try to make to Cottrell is that Cleveland Browns quarterback Colt McCoy had the football tucked away as if he was running and was outside the pocket and close to crossing the line of scrimmage. Harrison will contend that there was no time for him to adjust after McCoy decided to throw the ball instead after tucking it away. The downside for Harrison is that he made the helmet-to-helmet contact with McCoy.

  • fire arians

    99.9999% chance nothing gets overturned. why even bother, it’s goodell we’re talking about here.

  • Dgh57

    Does anyone ever win these appeals? I’ve never heard of anyone doing so.

    Bad timing for this to be happening with the 10 – 3 49ers on their home field up next!

  • Lets just hope the appeal drags out till Tuesday:-) Then I don’t care if it doesn’t get overturned!