James Harrison Likely Will Face Fine For Helmet To Helmet Hit On Colt McCoy – Video

Steelers LB James Harrison helmet-to-helmet hit on Browns QB Colt McCoyPittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison will almost certainly get fined for his helmet-to-helmet hit on Cleveland Browns quarterback Colt McCoy in the 4th quarter of the Thursday night game at Heinz Field. McCoy was scrambling outside the pocket and threw the ball on the run just before he passed the line of scrimmage. The video and animated gif below shows that Harrison hit McCoy right in the face mask after the ball left the hand of McCoy and after he completed his throwing motion. The hit jarred the head back of McCoy and knocked him clear off his feet. Harrison said he was penalized for unnecessary roughness on the play and not a helmet-to-helmet hit.

Harrison said after the game, “From what I understand once the quarterback leaves the pocket he’s a runner. All the liberties a quarterback has in the pocket are gone. You can tackle him just as if he’s a running back. The hit wasn’t late so I really don’t understand why it was called.” Unfortunately for Harrison the league office and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will likely disagree with him and not only could Harrison be fined, he could face a game suspension as a repeat offender.

Harrison has not been fined thus far this season, but that will not likely play into any decision the league makes. Harrison was fined $100,000 for a series of hits last season.

Here is a link to the video replay of the hit and below is the animated gif.

James Harrison Colt McCoy Animated Gif

  • Emil

    McCoy didn’t play nearly aswell after this.
    Good job setting the tone Harrison. I hope Steelers pay your fine.

  • I saw several H2H hits this past weekend and none were called,what was the flag ;late hit or H2H?

  • Crowbird

    I’d love to see the NFL take harrison’s pay for the next year. He’s an asshole to say the least. Him and suh make a good team.

  • John Bossi

    The thing that’s most enjoyable is reading comments by fans of a team in defense of one of their players and that if something like this happened to their QB, they’d be going off the deep end shouting for fines and suspensions. Humans are so predictable.

  • Steelersfan4life56

    Ray Lewis would look good with those two as well, huh?

  • fire arians

    what do you mean ‘likely’? more like guaranteed.

  • Asd

    Harrison is a no good thug. He should be suspended.

  • i love to see fans of another teams stay in their forums, if there is one in all the f internet

  • Tann84

    Colt tucked the ball and ran. As soon as you do that, you are a runner, he was out of the pocket and heading towards the line of scrimmage. If you can’t see that then you are blind. Harrison is right in his interpretation of the rules. The play should not have been flagged at all. They are really blurring the lines on what is permissible and what isn’t. Harrison shouldn’t be fined at all.


    I’ll pitch in to help pay!

  • Steelerz

    If you dont like Harrison…You dont like the way he hits…dont watch football! Go watch tennis.

  • Browns_Steelers Fan

    What are you looking at? He was throwing the ball and move a little forward, which you do when you throw a ball. That was a deliberate helmet hit by Harrison…watch the video.

  • Browns_Steelers Fan

    Late hit, Shirley. Unnecessary roughness. It was a H2H. No doubt.

  • SteelersNoob

    Actually, it looks like McCoy hits Harrison’s helmet. McCoy’s head moves forward from the initial hit which was to the upper body before it flies back.

  • Goodell himself

    Nice Hit!!!!

  • Intropy

    My guess is that he was looking at the video of the play, which completely corroborates his statement.

  • SteelersDepot

    Not putting up with name calling on here. Go to another site to do that. Comments will not be approved if you want to act like jackasses. I do that well enough myself.

  • Equalizerrrrd

    Get off your high horse. You’re human too. He gets treated as a running back when he leaves the pocket. It’s the NFL, not pro soccer. When you’re done acting like the all-wise, alien being, start to appreciate the fact that Colt McCoy signed the contract knowing he would get hit in the NFL.

  • Mark Stephens

    McCoy moved into Harrison. If he held his ground, harrison’s helmet would have been to hei left side, shoulder in chest. next rule – you can only tackle quarterbacks by the ankles.

  • B&G Girl

    Big Ben gets smashed up all the time. Even gets punched in the nose for the hell of it. Get off of it already.

  • Rivercitybm

    Apparently, these guys still do not realize you can not go helmet to helmet in delivering a hit. A fine is not enough. You can ruin a guy’s livelihood and career. The fines should be a % of their income plus 1/3 of a season with no pay! 5-6 game suspension. You won’t see anymore helmet to helmet shots.