Will James Laurinaitis Get Fined For His Helmet To Helmet Hit On Defenseless Hines Ward?

I am sure we will get to see the bias against the Pittsburgh Steelers this week and the double standard that the NFL has as it relates to helmet-to-helmet hits on defenseless receivers. In case you missed it, St. Louis Rams linebacker James Laurinaitis hit Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward helmet-to-helmet while he was in a defenseless position after catching a short pass from quarterback Charlie Batch across the middle with 4:49 left in the game.

James Laurinaitis helmet hit on Hines Ward

James Laurinaitis helmet to helmet hit on Hines Ward

Ward was going down and had just turned his head around before Laurinaitis clearly led with his helmet and the hit clearly snapped the neck back of Ward. NFL Vice President of Officiating Carl Johnson even released a new video recently about these types of hits and Laurinaitis clearly is in violation of what Johnson deems as a legal hit. He should have aimed lower and led with his shoulder. This hit could have clearly given Ward a concussion, something the league says they are trying to take a hard stance on in regards to player safety.

Am I picking on Laurinaitis here? Absolutely not. Just like NFL commissioner Roger Goodell thinks Steelers linebacker James Harrison is an amazing player, I too think Laurinaitis is an amazing player, but as Goodell told James Brown a few weeks ago in his interview, the rules apply to all 2000 players and all 32 teams. We shall see early next week if this is just lip service from Goodell or if these fines and rules only apply to 53 players and 1 team.

It is your move Goodell. Let\’s see those double standards and you give us all some bullshit reason why this was a legal hit. We have come to expect it. I suspect that the league will also try to sell photos of the hit as well.

  • kalanik001

    he shouldn’t be fined, it’s payback for all the cheap blind side blocks this fool likes to do. what goes around comes around…the entire steeler organization knows that hines ward likes to blind side defenders so they got nothing to complain about. the NFL is getting TOO soft. its a contact sport for christssakes. let them play

  • jockmama

    Funny how this sort of a hit is perfectly okay to Steelers fans when Harrison does it fifteen times per game…

  • amadeus

    Hey, if they are going to fine Harrison for the same type of hit then they need to be consistent clear across the board. It doesn’t matter if anyone one thinks that Hines Ward is a cheap shot artist or not. He isn’t anything like that and he plays the game hard (truth be told, those who think Hines is a ‘dirty’ player wish they had someone like him on their team). Just like when Ray Lewis had a helmet to helmet on Ward the game in Pittsburgh in November, not called but yet he got fined (should have been flagged but naturally the Commish thinks Ray Ray does nothing wrong. Like I said, whether you like Ward or not it doesn’t diminish the fact that the rules only apply to certain players.

  • Craig Smith

    You say that Ward does illegal hits, and the end with its getting too soft, let them play???

    Do you even know what you mean to say?

  • Craig Smith

    No, its not OK to fine Harrison for every hit and then “miss” all the other ones done by other teams.

    Last year Ben got his nose broken with a fist thru hit facemask…no penalty flag, no fine. Thats all. Let all the hits stand. We’ll take that. Steelers hit harder than any team out there.

  • MsKimm2u

    No it’s funny that back in the day these hits were OK and now all of a sudden it’s not then men like you jockmama make a comment about the Steelers. Grow some balls, or are you won of those guys who haven’t ever played football because you scared, lmao

  • guest

    Oop’s *One

  • squeelernation

    stop your bitchin for christ sake

  • Jokerswild464


  • Doughshizzle101

    Steelers fans all became fans AFTER they won the superbowl against the seahawks. 7time champs. Only reason anybody likes em… Steelers fans blow me

  • Zepp

    Laurinitus should be find just like Harrison. If he does it again another fine and again suspension. It is tough being on defense now days but if the league is consistant in it’s punishment I don’t have a problem with it. BTW the refs won’t catch em all but as long as they don’t favor any teams or players it OK

  • richard callahan

    goodell missed way too many illegal hits in the last too weeks blindside blocks the raider guy put on a defensive guy on the opening kickoff of the second half last week 2 weeks ago viking qb was blasted by a blindside block he left the game they never said why not sure if it was from the hit,,from watching football last 2 weeks steelers are clearly one of the best teams that cleaned up there hits and clearly the worst for being treated the worst from head office…

  • Drew22222

    And steeler haters are in our sites, grow a pair “”jock mama””

  • Jherronarizona

    I think you need to grow a pair “”jock mama””

  • Weldr61

    Lets hope they fine Laurinaitis if not for the act of playing football then at least for his name. The NFL is merely a shadow of what the sport was 20 years ago. With so many rules, no lining up over center on extra points, no wedge, don’t hit me here don’t grab me there. What ever. If Hiney Ward can’t take it, our little ballerina can try to hook up with another shot at dancing with the stars. We need a new NFL this ones broke. By the way I like Harrisons style of football.

  • Callouswhisper

    Really provide the evidence. Otherwise guess what? Total and utter bullcrap. The usual bitching from the obvious fan of a team that is clearly inferior thus the need to project BS.

  • Steelers for life

    well I don’t see the commish fining Hines for what you perceive as cheap blind side blocks, so obviously it’s acceptable. Helmet to helmet is not-whether it’s Ray Ray, Laurinaitis, or Harrison. I’ve said it before, they key word here is ‘consistency’. That’s all we want.

  • Steelers for life

    weldr61: Oh Hines has BEEN taking it for a long time and will dance his way right into a yellow jacket one day.

  • Daveb1952

    Please let me know if I am mistaken, but I could have sworn a couple of weeks ago on the Terrible Podcast there was an agreement that there is no bias with regard to rulings against the Steelers.

  • Steelers for life

    you must be smoking something. What the heck do you know about Steeler fans. Obviously, not a thing. Steeler fans are born into it and bleed black & gold. It’s passed down from generation to generation. Stay off the site. You have no idea what you’re talking about.

  • Steel for ever

    This is bad but did everyone but Steeler fans not see the total head first to the chest of Antonio Brown last week against the 49’s ? He caught a a total straight on top of helmet that was really flagrant and there was not even a mention let alone a flag !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Intropy

    No, Laurenitis shouldn’t be fined. Instead Harrison should get a public apology from Goodell and his money back.

  • SteelersDepot

    we shall see if they fine for this. lots has happened since then.

  • Kick rocks troll!!

  • solidsteel

    To all you trolling Steelers haters out there…I’ve got two words for you…..SUCK IT!!

  • Vcoonfare35

    This is bs, goto facebook and “like” Fire NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. over 8000 people already

  • Vcoonfare35

    it’s okay for Laurenitis too, if they weren’t fining and suspending Harrison for it. The thing is when Harrison does it he is fined, suspended and labeled a dirty player. Either let him play, or penalize every one that does what he does

  • Vcoonfare35

    That’s funny that you hate Pittsburgh so much, your mother is a huge fan. She never said blow me, but seemed to know what that term meant. Repeatedly…

  • axel718

    Of course he wont get fined, just like Ray Lewis didnt get fined or McLean didnt get fined for knocking out Heath Miller. They wont get fined because they dont play for the Steelers. Hell Ryan Clark got penalized for a helmet to helmet hit when the replay clearly showed he lead with his shoulder and contacted the receiver below his shoulder pads……Goodell hates the Steelers and his idiot officials dish out the penalties

  • guesthater

    Sorry about your illiteracy, brah

  • Dbr96a

    Yes, the rules are very clear.