NFL Releases New Video To Teams Of Legal & Illegal Hits Narrated By Information Minister

Oh joy, the NFL has released a new video that shows new examples of legal and illegal hits on defenseless players. The seven-minute video, narrated by NFL Vice President of Officiating Carl Johnson, views more like something that the Iraqi Information Minister put out years ago.

In the video, Johnson tries to show how players on defense are to lower their target when hitting a receiver. Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ryan Clark is featured as a player delivering an illegal hit on Baltimore Ravens tight end Ed Dickson several few weeks ago. On the flip side, Steelers wide receiver Mike Wallace is shown receiving a legal hit from Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Pacman Jones just a few weeks ago.

The video is quite comical to watch, especially when they show the legal hit on Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson, who just happens to be listed at 6 foot 5 inches. How the hell do you hit a guy like that high? Unless he lowers his head, any hit a player put on him would be legal, unless that player is the human missile Brandon Meriweather of the Chicago Bears.

I am all for player safety, but some of these hits are the very reason why we watch NFL football. Some of these type of hits just can\’t be avoided unless you do not hit the player at all. It is kind of funny how this video is also being released to the teams following the hit by Steelers linebacker James Harrison on Cleveland Browns quarterback Colt McCoy. I take it back, there is nothing funny about that all.

  • Watched the first 5 minutes or so of the video…maybe its just me, but the “illegal hit” portion…most of the ball carriers either lowered their head or the defensive player was so close that it would have been physically impossible to “change his position.” I do like how Mr. Personality kept saying aim lower and putting a big “x” on the ball carrier’s pelvic and groin area…I think they are trying to break all the players balls and then Goddell and his henchmen can successfully turn the NFL into Sissy Flag football!!

  • You have to watch the legal hit section. It will leave you laughing. Many of the hits are against 6’5″- 6’7″ WR’s and TE’s. You can hear Carl Johnson in the background “see, the defender lowers his aiming point, and doesn’t hit the defenseless receiver in the head or neck area. Good job!” (the kudo’s adds the extra comedic punch). Anyhow, the defenders tackling the NBA sized players, aren’t doing it any differently than the guys depicted in the illegal hits, it’s just that the defenseless receivers head is so high up in the friggin air, that helmet to helmet contact is near impossible.

    Most of the hits shown in the legal hits section, where only legal because of circumstances. They still lead with their head and shoulder, but the receiver just happens to be positioned so that he doesn’t get hit in the head. In many of them, if the defensive player gets there a fraction of a second sooner, or later, it would look exactly like the illegal hits. There was only one example of a proper form tackle, made by a San Diego player. If the league, with all of its resources, can only find one proper tackle to use in this video, then maybe it’s time for the league to address the obvious: every defender in the NFL tries to make the same hits James Harrison makes.

  • Jon Chorba

    Well said, Greig! In the legal hit section there was either a major discrepancy in height, the player was in the air, or the player was in a position where head contact was impossible to achieve. The hits and approach are IDENTICAL to the illegal ones. So, the NFL’s advice to play defense is “tackle the way you normally do but only if the guy with the ball is in the air or taller than you.”

    Right on the money with the San Diego defender, too.

  • SteelersDieHard

    Just a random thought Dave, maybe you can talk about it in a post about Harrison’s hit on McCoy being awfully similar to the hit Duane Brown put on Harrison fracturing his Orbital bone.

    How hypocritical is it that an offensive lineman, or anyone on the offense for that matter can almost permanently blind someone by driving the crown of their helmet into the face of a defender, yet a defender cannot return the favor. For all we know it could be Tebow lowering his crown into a defenders face, but that would be OK as long as its you don’t do it back.

    (PS It says I can’t follow you on twitter?)

  • Teeman

    This rule sucks ass. How do you lower your target a split second before you make contact. Also, i don’t think they don’t consider that the offensive player is a moving target. What if he lowers his head at the last second.? Is that the defender’s fault? Seems to me, the offensive player has more control over where they are hit because they can shift or side step before contact. Also, if you’re going to fine the defensive players, why not fine offensive players for lowering their heads and making helmet to helmet contact while trying to truck a player. I think the offensive players movement/action should dictate whether its illegal. Now if a qb is standing in the pocket and gets it, that’s one thing.

  • Pcody

    Is the Patriots hit on Hines Ward last year covered?

  • Bradleyaoo7

    how bout this legal colston hit. Hes 6’5 jumping to catch a pass. The guys head is 8 and a half feet in the air. How the F are you gonna hit him in the head.

  • Bradleyaoo7

    Does the NFL have someone that can speak coherent sentences that could of narrated this BS video

  • Forward22

    Hines Ward got slammed a couple weeks ago by the Ravens. His eyes were crossed when they picked him up. I don’t remember seeing a flag, fine, or suspension after that hit