Report: NFL Considering Suspending Steelers LB James Harrison

ESPN reporter Adam Schefter tweeted Sunday morning that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is considering a one or two game suspension for Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison after Thursday night helmet-to-helmet hit on Cleveland Browns quarterback Colt McCoy.

Harrison hit McCoy in the fourth quarter just after McCoy released a pass after first tucking the ball under his arm and attempting to scramble outside the tackle box. Harrison hit McCoy helmet to facemask and the hit knocked McCoy off his feet and out of the game for two plays. Harrison justified his hit as legal after the game because he viewed McCoy as no different than a running back or wide receiver at that point, as he was running with the football outside the pocket.

Harrison has yet to be fined this season after having to open his wallet several times last year. He was flagged Thursday night for his hit on McCoy, but it is hard to see him getting more than a one game suspension, if any at all. We will know for sure early next week if indeed a suspension and fine is handed down and Harrison is surely to appeal.

  • Rhankey72

    Please Mr. Rooney. Do everything in your power to start a coup and remove Goodell as commissioner. If Harrison gets suspended it is the beginning of the end of football.

  • Thomas

    When your almost on the line of scrimmage and waaay out of the pocket you are a runner, end of story…helmet to helmet rules do not a apply.

  • Thomas

    almost as bad as Tom Brady trying to slide on London Fletcher today and drawing a flag, once your on the line of scrimmage or near a 1st down you don’t to decide your a quarterback and not a runner 0.3 seconds before getting hit.

  • Peterluck69

    *signing* goodell needs to die, goodell needs to die, hang him up let him choke goodell needs to die, goodell needs to die hang him up let him choke goodell needs to die!

  • Bradleyaoo7

    They should suspend Goodell for leaking suspension rumors and be an horses ass

  • kevin

    Can Harrison appeal on Sunday, thus making himself available for the 49ers but possibly missing the Rams?

  • Gary Hench

    Right, “…..Harrison is surely to appeal.”
    And, the appeal will be heard by the same moron issuing the punishment in the first place.
    That moron being Heil Godell.
    What a farce