Steelers 49ers Week 15 Defensive Participation Chart

Below is the defensive participation chart for the Pittsburgh Steelers week 15 Monday night game versus the San Francisco 49ers at Candlestick Park.

The Steelers were in their base defense a whopping 48 of the 61 non-penalty plays Monday night against the 49ers. 8 times they were in nickel, 3 times in dime and 2 times in goal-line. In the dime, linebacker Lawrence Timmons was the linebacker off the field.

Both Troy Polamalu and Ryan Clark were pulled very late in the game and that is how Ryan Mundy and Will Allen got their snaps. Stevenson Sylvester was also in for the final 2 kneel downs in place of James Farrior.

Steve McLendon only saw 7 base defensive snaps on the night with 5 of them coming in the last two 49ers possessions. Cameron Heyward saw just 13 non-penalty snaps, and like McLendon, 5 came in the final two series.

Click on the image below to see the full PDF version of the defensive participation chart.

Steelers 49ers Week 15 Defensive Participation Chart

98Casey HamptonNT43
90Steve McLendonNT9
96Ziggy HoodDE57
99Brett KeiselDE52
97Cameron HeywardDE13
94Lawrence TimmonsILB58
93Jason WorildsOLB61
56LaMarr WoodleyOLB45
51James FarriorILB49
50Larry FooteILB28
55Stevenson SylvesterILB2
24Ike TaylorCB59
22William GayCB59
23Keenan LewisCB11
28Cortez AllenCB3
25Ryan ClarkFS57
43Troy PolamaluSS56
29Ryan MundySS5
26Will AllenFS4

  • HerfJ / JamesH

    Player Chart inadvertently shows Foote playing at Outside LB. I believe Timmons took the snaps when Woodley left, as your Participation Chart shows.

  • JamesH

    It has now been corrected.

  • tequila0341

    Greg Cosell from NFL Films noted that most of the Steelers’ blitzes come out of their sub packages. He attributes the lack of pressure on Alex Smith to this fact. The 49ers dictated this by running most of their offense out of two tight end, run-heavy formations, and of course doing the 3-5 step quick pass offense.

    Strange that LeBeau didn’t have more blitz stuff to run out of base formation – maybe dependent on Lamar being more effective? Sadly I don’t think that would have worked with the offense the 49ers were running.