Steelers Mike Tomlin 49ers Post Game Press Conference Week 15

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin met the media following the Steelers 20-3 loss Monday night against the San Francisco 49ers. Tomlin said it was 49er football tonight and their team played the game on their terms. He said they created turnovers and they got us with a few concept plays, and they controlled the ball offensively. They played with the lead and played how they play. Tomlin acknowledges what they did or didn\’t do here tonight. Tomlin said they need to lick their wounds pretty quickly for a quick turnaround against the St. Louis Rams and said they had an opportunity and they didn\’t seize it.

As far as information on the hamstring of LaMarr Woodley, Tomlin said he did not yet have that information, but he thinks he is fine. Tomlin says they were rotating some guys through and that fatigue became an issue. He will have for information when he talks to the media on Tuesday. Tomlin said Ben Roethlisberger was deemed healthy enough to play and he didn\’t think he was getting knocked around in the game.

You can listed to the audio of the presser below:


  • Damion_black_rain

    what game was Mr Tomlin watching when he said he didnt think Rothlisberger was getting knocked around????

  • ChrisHalas

    I agree. I would have liked to see Charlie or Dennis get the start being that both are healthy and have been taking snaps all week. I think there may have been only a couple of plays when Jamon Smith DID NOT beat Starks’ butt.

  • Gurinder

    i understand after you lose a game the job of the head coach is to look at the positives and make the political comments about “making adjustments”

    The offence has lost its identity. The line play is far below the line. we don’t pound the ball, mendy is not hitting holes, we cant get vertical like we did as ben is not rivers or rodgers and a pure passer. We seize up now inside the 30’s. you can’t get around those issues if you offensive co-ordinator can’t recognise and adjust. Other than the cincy blowout when has the offense delivered a complete game.

    The denfence has to be getting frustrated as they are keeping the team in the game and need the offense to deliver.

  • steadyb23

    Terrible job coaching…period! Ben should of sat, BA called a bad game. I think Batch would have allowed the offense to be more open. I’m very disappointed in the coaching staff.

  • Jason Brown

    I’m so sick of the mealy-mouth B.S. a la Tomlin. “We didn’t score enough points…”???? Gee coach, really? That’s it, huh? Well, how perceptive of you. How about these tea leaves instead. You also didn’t do enough to stop a mediocre quarterback and your defense, as has been the case almost all year, doesn’t have a nose for the turnover. Your running back takes FOR-FREAKING-EVER to hit the darn hole and your linebacking corp seems to have forgotten how to apply pressure. How about those little nuggets of wisdom, huh coach!?!?! We won’t even mention your pathetic clock management at the end of the first half in which you burned at least twenty seconds only to throw a useless pass on the flat to an outlet RB…and you want to say that you were, “out of field goal range”….why do ya’ think that might be, genius?

  • Firemedic107

    No SHIT , Ben was getting killed back there, WTF why is he still playing late in 4th QRT??? Worst coached game of the season !!!!!

  • Joebo

    not only did tomlin screw this game up….he and the rest of the coaching staff didnt have anyone ready to play the opener against the ravens which got the team into a mess all season long!!! no way ben should be playing let alone still in there till the end of this game…what the f..!!!!!

  • Smittyflash24

    as I reflect on the past 14 games….this team has not progressed! ugly wins and terrible losses! mike tomblin has become sickening…the same press conf over and over! ben is the hc,thats the only reason BA is still the O.C. Tomblin fires the whole staff,but keeps B.A. defense has gotten slow…but is it me,but does L.Timmons constancly get beat on pass routes and over persuit on runs and pressuring QB’s….and yes fans Mendenhall will dethrone H.Ward for dancing with the stars….and not to leave you out (dick…wtf lebeau)please walk away from the game,you are so predictable…none of your young talent has progressed mainly fat ass ziggy hood…even though we are playoff bound and may still get the 2nd seed…balt v.s. cinn game,I’m just not happy over all with the coaching staff,the overpaid players(timmons)ect…please do away with the 3-4 defense if your going to continue to draft and put stiffs(hood,heyward,and kriesel,a.smith)speed speed speed…steelersnation it’s not looking good!