Steelers Week 14 Coverage Stats Versus Browns

Below are the Steelers coverage stats for the week 14 Thursday win against the Cleveland Browns. These stats are broken down by play and include down and distance, line of scrimmage, direction, yards gained, yards after catch, personnel the offense used, defensive package, number of pass rushers and whether or not the defense blitzed on the play.

Keep in mind that the Steelers played quite a bit of zone coverage in this game so the coverage stats are not really reflective of play.

The Steelers defense held both Colt McCoy and Seneca Wallace to a 53% completion rate in the game and picked off 2 passes. It could have very easily been 5 interceptions. The defense did give up 3 explosive passing plays in the 1st quarter with 2 coming on the Browns opening drive.

William Gay was targeted 12 times and allowed 5 catches for 43 yards. He also had a redzone interception and should have had another on a deep ball into the endzone. He really played a great game and some nice tackles after the catch.

Troy Polamalu was the second most targeted and allowed 5 catches out of 7 targets. He did have a great interception and a nice pass break up in the game. The catches allowed mostly came with him in zone coverage so it is deceiving.

I only have Ike Taylor being targeted 2 times in the game.

I have just 58 yards allowed after catches.

Coverage Stats By Play

2-8CLE 22YES82-B.Watson43-T.Polamalu6-1125YESBASE
3-2CLE 28YES82-B.Watson22-W.Gay51124NOBASE
1-10CLE 33YES89-E.Moore94-L.Timmons3316133NOBASE
2-6PIT 30YES16-J.Cribbs43-T.Polamalu253214YESBASE
2-7CLE 34YES11-M.Massaquoi24-I.Taylor254114NOBASE
1-10PIT 41NO11-M.Massaquoi22-W.Gay00125YESBASE
1-10CLE 15NO11-M.Massaquoi22-W.Gay00215YESBASE
2-10CLE 15YES16-J.Cribbs43-T.Polamalu130214NOBASE
1-10CLE 28NO89-E.Moore43-T.PolamaluINT0125YESBASE
2-9CLE 10NO10-J.Norwood23-K.Lewis00104NONICKEL
3-9CLE 10YES15-G.Little43-T.Polamalu172204NONICKEL
1-10CLE 45YES31-M.Hardesty93-J.Worilds48124NOBASE
1-10CLE 48YES11-M.Massaquoi25-R.Clark70125YESBASE
3-2PIT 44NO82-B.Watson25-R.Clark00224NOBASE
2-7PIT 40NO10-J.Norwood22-W.Gay00114NONICKEL
3-7PIT 40NO81-A.Smith22-W.Gay00114YESNICKEL
1-10CLE 44YES89-E.Moore94-L.Timmons81124NONICKEL
2-8CLE 23NO11-M.Massaquoi22-W.Gay00124NOBASE
3-8CLE 23YES81-A.Smith22-W.Gay110115YESNICKEL
3-9PIT 45NO15-G.Little23-K.Lewis00114NONICKEL
3-6CLE 5NO15-G.Little43-T.Polamalu00124NOBASE
1-10CLE 44YES11-M.Massaquoi22-W.Gay121125NOBASE
2-5PIT 39YES31-M.HardestyN/A55124NOBASE
2-9PIT 18YES89-E.Moore43-T.Polamalu130123NOBASE
3-16PIT 16NO11-M.Massaquoi22-W.GayINT0116YESNICKEL
1-10CLE 16NO25-C.OgbonnayaN/A00115YESNICKEL
2-10CLE 16YES15-G.Little22-W.Gay87115YESNICKEL
1-10CLE 27NO40-P.Hillis25-R.Clark00125YESNICKEL
2-10CLE 27NO15-G.Little51 Farrior00123NONICKEL
3-5CLE 32YES10-J.Norwood51 Farrior146113NONICKEL
1-10CLE 46YES10-J.Norwood22-W.Gay73115YESNICKEL
2-3PIT 47YES81-A.Smith25-R.Clark81114NONICKEL
1-10PIT 34NO15-G.Little24-I.Taylor00114NONICKEL
2-10PIT 34YES89-E.Moore94-L.Timmons11115YESNICKEL
3-9PIT 33NO25-C.Ogbonnaya22-W.Gay00114NONICKEL

Coverage Stats By Player

23-K.Lewis 2 0 0% 0 0.0 0 0 0
N/A 3 1 33% 5 1.7 5 0 0
22-W.Gay 12 5 42% 43 3.6 12 0 1
24-I.Taylor 2 1 50% 25 12.5 4 0 0
25-R.Clark 4 2 50% 15 3.8 1 0 0
51-J.Farrior 2 1 50% 14 7.0 6 0 0
43-T.Polamalu 7 5 71% 74 10.6 4 0 1
93-J.Worilds 1 1 100% 4 4.0 8 0 0
94-L.Timmons 3 3 100% 42 14.0 18 0 0

  • Dgh57

    In your lower Coverage Stats by Player box who is N/A?!! I checked the roster and could find no one with that name!! Just kidding LOL!!!

    Nice job and very informative! Keep up the GREAT work!

  • Eye-In-The-Sky

    13 games in and I am totally confident with this secondary against any passing game in the league. Wow, who’d thought it back in August? Me!!!!! lol

    I like the whole D against anybody myself, so I am admittedly bias. But I am particularly excited by what’s happened in the secondary this year. Young guys, old guys, schemes & coaching, I think we’re ready for the Packers, the Saints, whoever…and that feels great.

  • CoverCorner

    It does feel great, they are an excellent compliment to the front 7.

    I was a little worried about the safeties covering early in the year.But, they’re both so tough against the run and on blitz, I can live with a couple lapses in coverage every now and then.

    William Gay seems to be comfortable now, as is Keenan Lewis. I’m amazed how little Lewis gets targeted considering the number of snaps he’s getting in passing situations. I see ’em lookin’ but they don’t throw it his way.

    Ike has been challenged by some great #1 WRs, and has held up well. I don’t think its really necessary, or wise for that matter, to have him following them all over the field when Lewis is in, but that’s on LeBeau…there’s comfort in 9 years.

    Ryan Mundy and Cortez Allen have made significant contributions in the dime. It looks like a group ready to compete with Brees and the Saints.