James Harrison Destroys Knees Legally Per Request Of Roger Goodell

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell wants defensive players to start legally destroying knees of offensive players and Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison is now complying with what the commissioner wants. Harrison must have seen the recent seven-minute video that is narrated by NFL Vice President of Officiating Carl Johnson that instructs defensive players to lower their target in an attempt to prevent head injuries, as he hit Denver Broncos wide receiver Eric Decker right on the side of his left knee following a reception by Decker on the first play of the second quarter.

Decker caught the pass after running a crossing route through the middle of the field against zone coverage. Harrison was dropping into his area of the zone coverage on the play and hit Decker with his right shoulder on the outside of the left knee of Decker instead of taking a chance of hitting Decker too high. Upon contact you could see the left foot of Decker stick in the grass and all the force of the hit by Harrison his absorbed by the knee of Decker.

James Harrison Eric Decker knee injury

Decker laid injured on the field for several minutes before being helped off by the Broncos training staff. He eventually went to the Broncos locker-room and did not return to the game because of the injury. It was revealed on Monday that Decker suffered a MCL sprain of the knee and it will likely force him to miss the playoff game Saturday against the New England Patriots.

The hit by Harrison was textbook and probably just like Goodell drew it up in his New York office. The hit was so textbook that it will likely be included in the next video the league puts out on legal hits and I would not be surprised if you are able to buy a framed shot of the hit at the NFL Photo Store. The hit is THAT good and THAT clean.

Of course not everyone sees it that way as Mike Klis, the Broncos beat writer for The Denver Post, said in an interview Monday with 102.3 FM radio in Denver, “I really think there\’s an intent on Harrison\’s part to injure people.” Klis clearly should check with Goodell and watch the latest video put out by the league as Harrison hit Decker just as instructed. Decker did not suffer a helmet-to-helmet hit and does not have a concussion on Monday as a result.

While I have not seen any quotes from Decker since the game ended, I am willing to bet he wishes that Harrison had hit him illegally instead of legally. Had Harrison done that, Decker would likely be able to play on Saturday. He needs to understand that Goodell and the league are just looking out for his best interest, even if it means that he might miss the rest of the playoffs.

  • yoi

    I really hope Stan Savern reads this particular post Dave. He rode Silverback pretty hard when the suspension came about.

    He wasnt the only one within Steeler Nation that complained. For those of you out there that ridiculed #92 for his “dirty play”…know this, Cribbs, Massaqiou, and any other non QB who got smacked by James played the next week.

    The “clean” hit that Decker was pasted with yesterday cost him the rest of the playoffs.

  • Dgh57

    Hit em high hit em low somebody has to bellyache about it!!

  • Fu-Schnickens

    I freaking LOVE it!!! F&@k Roger Goodell. The guy’s a scourge to professional sports. His just desserts.

  • Gobigjr

    I agree but what about the blown calls that ruin the game like the backward pass that was a lateral and should have been Broncos ball or the Lions D fumble recovery should have been 21-7 Lions. Screw the NFl (sorry Steelers) it is a joke. If you want real football tune in tonight and watch college. It is the only true football left.

  • LJ

    scary part was, had Harrison hit Decker four inches LOWER, it would’ve been THEISMANN II revisited… and i’m screamish. I never want to see nobody’s knees bent in V angle, Steelers opponent or otherwise…

  • Fan in Denver

    Why can’t Harrison hit guys below the helmet and above the knees, like a normal, non-sociopathic NFL player? The other 10 guys out there on defense with him don’t seem to have trouble playing an honorable game.

  • yoi

    see, its idiots like you that keep this non sense going…harrison was tackling the exact way goodell has demanded he and the rest of the league tackle.

    In spite of what the players on the field say.

    Obviously, a knee injury is detremental to a NFL players career, but the league doesnt fear getting sued over blown knees….and they care even less about NFL players careers.

    Its morons like you that, in sympothy for Deckers knee, treat Harrison like a “sociopath”…all in the name of player safety–all while championing Goodell.

    When in reality, Goodell is far more concerned with dollars and cents than player safety.

  • Pete

    Thank you for writing this. The Denver fans were calling Harrison a dirty player. But this is EXACTLY what Goodell wants. This is precisely what Harrison warned about and said he’d be more than happy to pay your fine if you hit him high and spared his knees.

    Take your pick. Torn up knees or a concussion. Harrison already gave his preference. Look for more knees keeping the surgeons busy.

  • jac

    I watch the college game last night and other bowl games–there were many hits that I believe would have been penalized and probably fined. Problem is these young men are going to drafted, if lucky, and relearn hitting. This is a joke. It is not judged the same throughout the nfl. The penalities and fines are ridiculous. Let the name calling go and play football or let it die!!!!!

  • Fu-Schnickens

    You bombastic imbecile…Apparently, you prefer to watch football of the two-hand touch variety. If I were you, I’d open up your eyes and look at the rest of the league. Are you going to also whine like a little girl about the chop blocks going on throughout the league? Those are usually illegal and can ruin guys’ knees, but no, your simple little pinhead can’t seem to grasp the breadth of that problem now, can ya’? How about players who’ve KILLED people? How d’ya feel about that one there, buddy? I think you’ve got far, far bigger fish to fry in the grander scale than your poor wittle wide weiceiver Decker getting hit a little too hard. Sack up, you Sally!

  • Bradleyaoo7

    Holding Cut blocking thats been Denver MO for years and nothing change in the Steelers game last week.

  • I said two years ago when this all started that:
    a) We were going to start seeing a lot more knee injuries as players adjusted to the new rules
    b) That is what Goodell and Co unkowingly asked for, until some star like one of the Johnsons has his season ended one too many times, or his career ended.

  • a “fan” who clearly doesn’t know the rules of the game. Goodell has been telling defenders to do EXACTLY this for two years, and reinforcing it with fines so that they are afraid to do otherwise.