Mike Tomlin 2011-2012 Season Ending Press Conference

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin met the media Monday for his season ending press conference and he talked about the game yesterday against the Denver Broncos, injuries suffered yesterday and various other talking points. Below is the audio of the press conference and I will continue to add recap notes and talking points over the next hour.

[audio:http://www.steelersdepot.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/mike-tomlin-2011-2012 season-ending-press-conference.mp3]

Tomlin opened up by saying he is still coming to grips with what happened last night in Denver and kind of how it unfolded. He said they acknowledged that there can only be one and that it is not us this year. There are always tough feelings with that and it is part of this deal he explained. We will move forward he said and at the appropriate time will begin chasing it again in 2012.

He said was impressed with what the players this past season were willing to do, more so than what they were capable of doing and no question what they are capable of is impressive. He said he enjoyed the group.

Tomlin next talked about the three significant injuries suffered in the game on Sunday and said Max Starks and Casey Hampton both suffered ACL knee injuries of some sorts and both are being reevaluated today to see if they will need surgery. Brett Keisel had a significant groin injury according to Tomlin and they are also looking at that today to see if it will require surgery.

Tomlin said it was a losing performance by us yesterday and they tip their cap to the Broncos. Tomlin said scratching your head about all the injuries this past season is a human response, but not for long, Injuries are part of the game and they dealt with them to the best of their abilities and that it is what it is.

Tomlin said if he had it to do over again he would probably still attack Tim Tebow the same way he did defensively. He said really the options are limited as to how you attack him because of the run gap responsibilities.

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  • Fu-Schnickens

    Once again…nothing more than garbage and failure to see the forest for the trees. This guy is a master of verbose coachspeak while saying nothin’. Damn, I’m sick of it!

  • Allaboutfrankiee

    Thanks for saying it G.L. I’m sick of this guy whose nothing but a master as you said of verbose coach speaking while saying nothing! He says here that he would attack Tebow the same way if he had to do it again. Does this guy learn anything?! He could have taken Pouncy and Big Ben out and rested them weeks ago when we already had the playoffs wrapped up. Did he? NO! We need great coaches not these guys, Tomlin and Arians and Lake need to get out of the Burg!

  • LJ

    I’m a hurting steelers fan too, but I realize that this is just entertainment. Live your real lives… (pursue your dreams and your hobbies and OTHER passions) As steelers season just ended Sunday Jan 8th. 2012. (life begins again for Steelers fans April 21st draft).


    It was nice to see Bill Cowher was quite upset for varying reasons that led up to this loss. It shows his loyalty to the Family, Steeler Nation and the team that he “WAS” so proud of…I think he will finally move on and take up coaching some other team now that he sees our risk taking leader “BEN” has taken the team to lengths we should have never been through.

  • Soperl

    Some of you guys are sounding like disgruntled Raider fns! Get over it – We lost and we look forward to next year…Win or lose, I’m a Steeler fan until the end of eternity- A loss to the Bronco’s will not erase 40 years of that!! Hope next year all of you fine young men come back and give me anotehr season of thrills!!!! Love ya, Love Ya Love YA