Report: Bruce Arians May Not Return As Steelers Offensive Coordinator In 2012

Gerry Dulac is reporting tonight that Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator Bruce Arians might not return in 2012. Dulac reports that it is unclear if Arians is retiring or is just not having his contract renewed at this time.

Arians has been the Steelers offensive coordinator since 2007 and was the Steelers wide receivers coach from 2004–2006. Before coming to the Steelers, Arians was the Cleveland Browns offensive coordinator from 2001–2003. Steelers president Art Rooney II said in his interview with the Pittsburgh media on Tuesday that some members of the Steelers coaching staff were considering retirement. He did not however indicate who those coaches were.

If indeed the news about Arians is true, the Steelers could decide to promote quarterback coach Randy Fichtner to offensive coordinator if they decide not to look outside of the organization. Running backs coach Kirby Wilson would have likely also been a possibility to be promoted before he was seriously burned in a fire at his home prior to the Steelers Wild Card game against the Denver Broncos.

  • Lee

    Good news! Good news! If this indeed is true, it just made my day, week, month and year!

  • Ricardisimo

    Great news! May I ask why not Scottie Montgomery? In other words, why not an assistant whose unit showed improvement under his tutelage. Ben has arguably regressed under Fichtner.

  • Daveb1952

    Interesting developement……

  • SteveM2

    We Black & Gold die-hards can only hope that Bruce Arians decides to do what’s best for himself and the franchise, and just go ahead and leave ASAP.

  • LJ

    My IQ points are only 75 yet I know Bruce Arians bashers out number the others a good 10 to 1. Alert me the time for the Parade once such official announcements of BA’s retirement are made. (I’m 65-35 against BA as an OC… I think).

  • Thomas

    If he doe I WANT HUE JACKSON! Raiders are always a mess but that dude knows how to call a great offense/zone running game and make average O-lineman play great.

  • Daddeeekip

    I say bring in Todd Haley

  • Christopher Merrifield

    I dont hate BA, but I dont think he is a top 10 OC/playcaller either. I think if someone else called the plays, he could be top tier. My thing is Ben seems to have comfortable and with all his weapons, I almost think change is good. I just think someone needs to challenge Ben a little more. If BA does leave, I hope we look outside the organization, there are guys who have shown they can be quality OC.

  • Maverickchef311

    BA playcalling was never adjusted to the weaknesses of our offensive line. so Ben was given to big of a leash at times, and sometimes made great plays, and sometimes had costly sacks or costly turnovers.

  • Davidrussellg

    Halleluya Thank you football gods. Ba was hurting this
    team Time to move on

  • pussman

    Great resume Cleveland Browns offensive coordinator and boring Pittsburgh Offensive coordinator. Did you see the QB sneak by Alex Smith. How many imaginative plays does he call? I can guarantee you that 80% of the first down calls are off tackle right side!!! Haley would be much better as suggested. Please anyone but him. Not hard to defense when you are 2nd. and long!!!!

  • soonersal

    This site is the best . Thanks for all your info

  • Stevens Joseph69

    Thank God!


    Looks like all the doubters may get their wish. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR PPL !!!!

  • Tewilloughby

    Hines Ward could be installed as OC. This would be revolutionary and build on Steeler Nation!