Report: Casey Hampton Will Have ACL Surgery Friday

How quickly things change. Gerry Dulac reports that Pittsburgh Steelers nose tackle Casey Hampton said today that he will have surgery on Friday to repair a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee. Hampton injured the knee early in the Steelers AFC Wild Card game against the Denver Broncos and all of the early reports suggested that Hampton would not need surgery. Defensive end Brett Keisel told DVE on Wednesday that he thought that Hampton would still not need surgery as well, but that of course was one player talking about another player. According to Dulac, this will be the third time Hampton has had ACL surgery and the second time he has had the surgery on his left knee.

Hampton, who will turn 35 in early September, played in 13 regular season games last year for the Steelers and recorded 31 tackles while playing roughly 450 snaps. He is scheduled to count nearly $8.057 million against the cap in 2012 based on his current contract which includes a $1 million workout bonus. His base salary is scheduled to be $4.89 million and it is speculated that he will need to take a significant pay cut if he is to return next season.

Hampton now will join Rashard Mendenhall, Max Starks, Maurkice Pouncey, Marcus Gilbert, Doug Legursky and Cortez Allen as players that have had surgeries since the season ended in Denver.

  • Jason

    Well, I think that is going end Casey’s career with the Steelers. McClendon, a draft pick, Ziggy, and perhaps a no-name free agent pick-up are going to have to make due.

  • Kenneth Wilt

    It is going to be really strange to see this team without A. Smith, Hoke, and Hampton. Without Farrior and Ward when that day comes. It is just going to be weird. I feel like the 80s all over again. No Bradshaw, Swann, Lambert, Ham, Mean Joe. Okay, I will stop I’m getting depressed.

    I think if this is the case, we will probably see a NT or someone taken at some point in the draft. I had argued up to this point that ILB was the most important, but if he is done Farrior and Foote are at least acceptable options, but with Hoke and Hampton done, we need to add someone to upgrade McLendon who I like but not sure is ready to be a starter. It wouldn’t surprise me if we go NT first round now. Of course we also need a LG, but we may go UFA route on that. There are some guys out there.

  • Bleebo77

    Kiper has the Steelers taking Poe in Rd. 1. If that happens, it’d be ideal if he has time to learn from Hampton, but Ed Bouchette points out about McLendon that the Steelers have gone undersized at NT before (2004 with Hoke). Maybe they don’t retain Hampton and go with McLendon, the practice squad guys, and a draft pick.

    Dave, when can we expect to start seeing draft chatter from you? Personally, I’d rather see a list of possibilities for the Steelers by round instead of a mock draft. My list of possibilities for Rd. 1 so far is Poe, Cordy, Burfict… maybe Worthy (he’s rising in the eyes of Kiper). I’ve heard that the Steelers do a lot of vetting and have a board of 30-40 players who are “Steelers guys,” then they just draft the highest guy in their pool when they pick.

  • SteelersDepot

    After the Senior Bowl on Saturday. I don’t fly off the cuff like other sites, I do my homework & watch the tape first.

  • Alleghenys

    I like the idea being floated around (including by Bouchette) that Ziggy Hood could move to NT. He is apparently the strongest guy on the team and I’ve never thought he was quite quick enough or savvy enough to be a great DE. I like the idea of taking Poe, but if he’s not available, moving Hood to NT would allow the team to focus on other needs and take a projectable DE (much like Keisel and ASmith were) after round 1.

  • Kysteeler

    Does anyone know what the cap hit would be in we let Hampton go?

  • SteelersDepot

    $2,166,668 million I believe if his workout bonus is not paid.

  • Dave

    This could be the end for his NFL career not just his Steelers career. This surgery usually takes a full year to totally recover from, which means he wouldn’t be 100% at all for the 2012 season. He’s not known for staying in great shape in the off-season. I don’t see anyone rushing out to sign him to big money if the Steelers let him go.

  • Kingtut499

    The Steelers usually dont go FA. So, who do you feel the Steelers could look @ for a starting LG or NT or ILB? All of them are too high.

  • Kingtut499

    I dont see Big Snacks being healthy enough to meet in Latrobe. I like Poe in the 1st and let him and Heyward rotate. Young and fresh, Push baby, Push ! then get a LG in the 2nd and in FA. Please let Kemo go!