Reports: Tomlin May Have Interviewed Caldwell, Arians Hired As Colts Next OC

Happy Saturday, or is it? Mark Kaboly reports via Twitter today that a source tipped him to a possible meeting this morning between Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin and former Indianapolis Colts head coach Jim Caldwell presumably about the open offensive coordinators position on the Steelers coaching staff. Kaboly tweeted, “Just got tip that Tomlin had breakfast at Omni William Penn this morning with Jim Caldwell. Source told me “95 percent sure” it was Caldwell.” We shall see how this pans out but Caldwell certainly has ties to Tomlin dating back to when both were on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers coaching staff under then head coach Tony Dungy.

In other juicy news, XTRA 910 Arizona\’s Mike Jurecki reports via Twitter that former Steelers offensive coordinator Bruce Arians is likely to become the next offensive coordinator of the Colts. Arians was the Colts quarterbacks coach from 1998-2000 and was the first QB coach for Peyton Manning after he was drafted first overall by the Colts in the 1998 draft. The Colts have the number one overall pick in the upcoming 2012 draft and all signs point to them drafting Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck. Stay tuned.

ETA: Adam Schefter is now reporting that Arians has agreed to become the Colts new offensive coordinator and he is flying to Indianapolis on Monday to review and sign contract. Arians coached with newly-named Colts head coach Chuck Pagano with the Cleveland Browns from 2001-2003.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    That is good news….now he can make the Colts offense inept….dont have to worry about them anymore

  • Kenneth Wilt

    Arians is a decent game planner, his play calling is weak. Okay, so now with the Colts if you assume that Manning comes back he will be fine. He will help the gameplan, and Manning will call the plays.

  • Shaver

    Thinking out loud here, but is it possible to trade Ben to Indy for their first pick? Any chance Rooney can talk Irsay into a trade?

  • I don’t know I would feel about Caldwell as the Steelers OC. Sure, the Colts offense was effective, but how much of that had more to do with Peyton Manning? You can forget about the Steelers running the ball.

  • Tanner

    They say they want to be a running team that’s why they got rid of Arians which is a great OC coach and now they want to bring in Caldwell ya great move…NOT

  • Dgh57

    What would the Colts do with Payton Manning after this trade?!!

  • boisesteeler

    of bigger curiosity for me is who BA will convince to move to Indy with him???

  • Poz

    Why in the world would you want to trade BenR?

  • ohoh

    Colts was a great throwing offense with manning. It would be awesome to get some of that to Steelers. Its the way the game is moving with all the rule changes. I doubt we will stop running the ball but it would be great to have focus on getting the throwing part of the offense in better shape.

  • greeny

    I can’t believe everyone has held BA accountable for this season. Tomlin bears the responsibility IMO. He still has no clue how and when to call a timeout. This potentially cost us the Ravens game (delay of game penalty are you kidding me) and the Broncos game. This is not on BA. Plus the offensive line is a f….. disaster people. That is not on BA either. It is a passing league now and rules illustrate that. All of this aside, Tomlin has earned the right to decide who is OC is. He won a superbowl with a running offense avg. 3.7ypc. The worst in history. Art II is turning this team into the cowboys

  • cjre20

    Dont think out loud anymore.

  • GoSteelers

    ok, give up our best QB in 20+ years, a 2 time SB winner, gazillion 4th QTR comeback wins — for a prospect???? no way, give be Ben for another 8 years!!!!!!

  • Moe

    Manning is done in Indy

  • Eric Majeski

    The fact is the offense has mostly underperformed under Arians. It’s either on Arians or Ben, so I think we are all hoping it’s BA. They have too many weapons now to not score more than they do, Arians has had years to figure it out and he hasn’t, so good riddance. It’s not really about this season, there just wasn’t a Super Bowl at the end to save him.

  • Shaver

    noted…thinking out loud in terms of cap space and having the “can’t miss” prospect in B&G. A 16.9 cap hit in 2012 is pretty high, along with the 11.6+ three additional years. For a team in cap trouble, I’d almost roll the dice.

  • Thomas

    man I dont want caldwell, Give me Hue Jackson!