Steelers New Nike Uniform Gloves On Display Today At Pro Bowl, No Twitter Tweets For Harrison

Nike will become the official uniform provider for the NFL in 2012 as they take over for Reebok and today you can get a glimpse of the new Nike Vapor Jet gloves during the 2012 Pro Bowl. Nike made the announcement on their Facebook page a few days ago and you can see the Steelers version of the new Nike gloves below that Steelers players Mike Wallace, Antonio Brown and Ryan Clark figure to be wearing today. You may even see linebacker James Harrison wearing them as well, but one thing you will not see from Harrison today is tweets on Twitter. Harrison finds the double standards appalling and tweeted earlier today the tweet below claiming he would not tweet during the game.

Steelers 2012 Nike Uniform Pro Bowl Gloves

  • Jbeatz

    Love them!

  • Dave

    I just found it really ironic watching the Pro Bowl – we have Big Ben, Mike Wallace, and Antonio Brown STARTING in the Pro Bowl – and we want to take a step back and become a run oriented offense??? Makes about as much sense as Green Bay or New England becoming a run oriented offense… Let’s de-emphasize our Pro Bowl QB and WRs and go back to the 80s and 90s… I sure hope that’s not what Art II is trying to do.

  • Intropy

    Brown started as a returner not as a receiver. But I still agree with you.

  • SteelersDepot
  • Army01

    Get some of these gloves for Ike!

  • Liz_1949

    When r they for sale! I saw them on pro bowl in front of the camera but could’nt c who was wearing them they r awesome!

  • Slhkitten

    Where can we buy these? Need them for my Steeler wall!

  • Jonathanswanson87

    We Need to use our weapons. WE NEED AN OFFENSIVE LINE!!!!!!!!! That would help protect Ben!!! Can you imagine our offense if Ben could still play his game, and have a dominant offensive line!!! Ben does need to start tweaking his game so he doesn’t take so much punishment.

  • Zac

    where can i buy these?