Steelers Not Stuck With Shaun Suisham

I received a rant via email today as to why the Pittsburgh Steelers signed kicker Shaun Suisham to a four-year deal prior to the season started and if they indeed were stuck with him in 2012 because of it. The short answer is of course no, they are not stuck with him and below is the long answer as to why.

The Suisham four-year contract included a $1.35 million signing bonus that gets amortized over the 4 years of the deal. With one year now in the books, Suisham has $1.0125 million left of signing bonus that needs to be accounted for. He is scheduled to count $1.6875 against the 2012 salary cap, which we can all agree is a bit high for a kicker of his caliber.

Should the Steelers cut him prior to June 1st, they will have to eat the $1.0125 as dead money in 2012, but if they wait and release him after June 1st or after training camp they will only be on the hook for $337,500 dead money in 2012 and the remaining $675,000 will be pushed over as dead money in 2013. Basically they can save $1.35 million against the 2012 cap by cutting him after June 1st as opposed to saving just $675,000 by cutting him early.

The Steelers usually always have two kickers in camp and there is always an outside chance they could draft one in April as well late. Suisham may indeed be in camp when it opens, but you can bet he will have competition and has likely made his last kick in the black and gold. So fear not, we are not stuck with him just because of the long contract he signed.

  • Steelersownage

    Thank god, I think we need to draft Randy Bullock from Texas A&M or Blair Walsh from Georgia even if it takes a pick as early as the fifth round. We need to find a kicker we can be confident in.

  • Dgh57

    Just kidding here but if Bruce Arians is back that means more FGs than TDs!! Therefore we need to draft a FG Kicker in the first round!

  • Triggerjoe

    We are still talking about Bruce Arians coming back as the OC?? YGBSM! That offense is about as ugly and unimaginative as it gets in the NFL. And pass blocking? WHAT pass blocking?? GMAFB!

    Let’s just start from scratch and rebuild…

  • Grundy_man2000

    I have never feared any kicker we have had as much as this guy. I was even praying Reed would reappear!! Is Roy Gerela stiil around?? LOL

  • Why waste a draft pick on a Place Kicker? Would rather test Free Agent market such as Neil Racker, Jay Feeley, Nick Folk or Matt Prater. These kickers are more accurate and longer range.

  • Steeltyke

    To remember that the saving will be slightly offset by the salary we will have to pay to the replacement kicker although this would likely be minimum dollar.

  • hanjonquin

    If your gonna draft a kicker, Greg Zuerlein, Missouri Western. 9-9 from 50+

  • Joel Miller

    12-4 and start from scratch?? Sounds like a huge over-reaction to me. Take the skirt off.

  • Triggerjoe

    Actually, 12-5. Pretty deceptive. Looks pretty, but when you don’t win the big ones — read Ravens and the playoff game — they are just numbers. One step at a time — build your team to beat the people in your division first, and then your conference, get that bye and home field if you can, then take your chances.

    We’re getting old and slow…and predictable. Wake up.

  • Joel Miller

    footballoutsiders has our offense ranked #6 and defense #7. The youth movement already started this season and there are only a few holdovers(ILB) that definitely need the new blood. Basically the Steelers need to restock for the future and they have mostly done so…ILB, CB(Ike is over 30), OG, NT are all positions that need addressed for the future.

    The Ravens had the NFL’s top defense this year and we struggled with them due to poor to mediocre line play. Address that and its unlikely that we lose 2x to them again. I like the 2012 Steelers chances at another run.

  • Whitebus36

    thank god ..the a bum

  • hanjonquin

    Zuerlein wil be kicking for West team in shrine game this weekend so his leg will be on display, video of this guy blasting 58 yd field goals halfway up the upright was enough to convince me, he kicked 4, 50+ yarders in 1 game this year. sure he’s from a D2 school, had he been from a big school program you’d of hear about him, hopefully he’ll get a shot in the Shrine game.

  • jeeprice

    We have to draft Anwario Haperton from the U. He has some criminal issues but his 40 time is unfathomable.

  • Wow, how wrong you were and considering he won a game or two for the team, money well spent.