Steelers Sign Former Texas A&M Aggies QB Jerrod Johnson To Futures Contract

Former Texas A&M Aggies quarterback Jerrod Johnson announced on Twitter today that he has signed a futures contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Johnson was the first overall pick in the 2011 United Football League draft by the Hartford Colonials after going undrafted in the 2011 draft and ended up signing as an undrafted free agent with the Philadelphia Eagles in late July. He was waived by the Eagles in mid-August and signed on with the Arizona Rattlers of the Arena Football League.

Johnson measures in at about 6 feet 5, 243 pounds and was the all-time leading passer at Texas A&M with several school records to his credit. During his college career, Johnson completed 650 passes in 1,109 attempts for a 58.6 percent completion ratio. He totaled 8,011 yards passing with 67 touchdowns and 22 interceptions in 35 games. He also added 877 yards rushing on 331 carries.

Johnson joins former TCU wide receiver Jimmy Young and former OSU defensive back Antonio Smith as the known players to have signed futures contracts with the Steelers as they start expanding their offseason roster to 80 players.

Video highlights below.

  • Steelersownage

    Could be the replacement for DD, has good size, good speed. It’s a good chance to take.

  • Steeler Stan

    Man, how did this guy not get drafted. I get that the throwing mechanics are raw, but that’s true of a lot of guys with less talent in the league. I think we’re looking at our new third string quarterback- and one that has a real future

  • Dgh57

    I like this signing! I like the numbers he put up in college! But is he more durable than D. Dixon? Is Byron Leftwich signed for next year? We could use a solid backup QB!

  • Intropy

    Highlights always look good. The volume and low interceptions are impressive. I see a lot of bootlegs and rollouts in the video as well as a lot of very wide open receivers. No idea what we’re getting here, but I’m happy to see them looking at potential backups.

  • SteelersDepot

    Camp arm. Nothing more.

  • He was benched in his senior year due to a combination of injuries, turnovers, and poor performance. He torched some bad teams early, but struggled against good ones in the midseason and was benched.

    Still, I was also surprised that he went undrafted, because he has the physical talent to play QB at the pro level. Going into his senior year there was even Heisman talk and some buzz that he could end up being a high pick in the draft. He has good accuracy, a big time arm, and good mobility. On the other hand, he was also inconsistent and struggled with pressure behind a young o-line. He could end up being another Derek Anderson, but based on his status as an undrafted free agent there is no downside risk. With some coaching and the opportunity to develop, he could end up being a great acquisition and more than just a 3rd string QB.

  • kgood

    He was never the same after he hurt his shoulder in his senior year. Tried to play through it and never publicly admitted that it was affecting him, but it was obvious that he just didn’t have the same arm. It was a real shame because he’s a man of exceptional character. If he’s recovered fully I don’t see how he won’t make it at least as a backup in the NFL.

  • Guest

    With Batch & Dixon most likely to be gone, the Steelers are left with Leftwich (if he doesn’t go on IR for the 3rd yr in a row) as their only backup. This guy may just be a camp arm as you say, but the Steelers will eventually need to sign another backup QB.

  • sterry

    Yeah, he was a heisman mention before he had shoulder surgery. Great character. If he can throw like he did his junior year, he could be developed nicely.

  • Kingtut499

    Thank you for keeping Steeler Nation informed ! Good music too ! Who is this Im a jazz fanatic never heard this. Look out Steelers I think we have found a gem.

  • Dkoy85

    With Johnson’s lack of arm strength(post shoulder surgery) and good size and athleticism is there a possibility we groom him to become the tall receiver Big Bens been asking for? Especially since the chances of signing Cotchery are slim to none? We all know how Roethlisberger likes to try for the endzone anywhere near the redzone and at 6ft 5 Johnson would be an awesome threat in the endzone.

    I know the Steelers have great skill at the position but I believe they won’t give up until they have the tall receiver with great possession skills necessary for leaping over db’s and snagging the ball.

  • CarolinaDS

    there are better qb’s in the upcoming draft he won’t make the team.

  • Wadih

    not really, the best QB’s in this draft is Andrew Luck who is going to the Colts, RG3 who is most likely going to Cleveland, and Ryan Tannehill who isn’t going to Pittsburgh since there are other teams in need of a QB

  • Mikkyl01