Steelers Week 17 Coverage Stats Versus Browns

Below are the Pittsburgh Steelers coverage stats for their week 17 win against the Cleveland Browns on the road in Cleveland. These stats are broken down by play and include down and distance, line of scrimmage, direction, yards gained, yards after catch, personnel the offense used, defensive package, number of pass rushers and whether or not the defense blitzed on the play.

Browns quarterback Seneca Wallace was 16 of 41 for starters, with two incompletions being spikes. Those are not accounted for below. He also threw for just 177 yards on the day.

William Gay was the most targeted in coverage as they threw at him 12 times completing 5 of them for 66 of the 177 yards. Bryant McFadden was targeted 5 times when he came into the game for the injured Keenan Lewis in the nickel sub-package. While his coverage stats look good, they could have been worse as there was one big time drop after he slipped in coverage. He still struggles in man situations and still likes to give large cushions in zone.

Lawrence Timmons was also targeted 5 times, but he really looked better in coverage in this game despite the 3 completions.

Ike Taylor was Ike Taylor and Troy Polamalu was Troy Polamalu. I should not have to explain either of those statements as both are really playing fantastic. Polamalu of course had the nice interception in the game.

Brett Keisel and Ziggy Hood were credited each for a coverage on tipped balls even though they were not actually in coverage. Keep that in mind.

The Browns have zero talent at wide receiver outside of maybe Josh Cribbs. Greg Little and Mohamed Massaquoi are not good and the Browns need a big play receiver and quarterback before they will ever compete in the AFC North.

Coverage Stats By Play

3-11CLE 19YES16-J.Cribbs23-K.Lewis1010114NONICKEL
2-13CLE 29NO16-J.Cribbs22-W.Gay00114NOBASE
3-13CLE 29YES89-E.Moore51-J.Farrior82114NONICKEL
2-8CLE 6NO40-P.Hillis43-T.Polamalu00214NOBASE
3-8CLE 6NO84-J.Cameron43-T.Polamalu00125NOBASE
1-10CLE 35YES84-J.Cameron22-W.Gay156215YESBASE
1-10PIT 39NO84-J.Cameron94-L.Timmons00124NOBASE
2-8PIT 8NO11-M.Massaquoi22-W.Gay00215YESBASE
3-8PIT 8NO11-M.Massaquoi43-T.Polamalu00114NONICKEL
1-10CLE 33NO11-M.Massaquoi24-I.Taylor00205YESBASE
3-7CLE 36YES16-J.Cribbs23-K.Lewis2311116YESNICKEL
1-10PIT 41YES16-J.Cribbs22-W.Gay143125NOBASE
1-10PIT 27NO16-J.Cribbs22-W.Gay00126YESBASE
2-10PIT 27NO89-E.Moore25-R.Clark00117YESBASE
3-10PIT 27NO40-P.Hillis25-R.Clark00115YESNICKEL
3-2CLE 42INT89-E.Moore43-T.Polamalu00224NOBASE
1-10CLE 23YES16-J.Cribbs94-L.Timmons11215YESBASE
2-9CLE 35YES16-J.Cribbs22-W.Gay215123NOBASE
1-10PIT 24NO15-G.Little96-Z.Hood00116YESNICKEL
3-17PIT 31NO84-J.Cameron94-L.Timmons00124NONICKEL
1-10CLE 22YES11-M.Massaquoi22-W.Gay50115YESBASE
2-5CLE 27NO15-G.Little99-B.Keisel00214NOBASE
3-5CLE 27YES40-P.Hillis99-B.Keisel-3-324NONICKEL
1-10PIT 43NO84-J.Cameron22-W.Gay00124NOBASE
3-10PIT 43YES11-M.Massaquoi22-W.Gay11025NONICKEL
2-12PIT 34NO11-M.Massaquoi20-B.McFadden00116YESNICKEL
3-12PIT 34NO15-G.Little24-I.Taylor00113NONICKEL
1-10CLE 39YES16-J.Cribbs24-I.Taylor105115YESNICKEL
1-10CLE 49NO11-M.Massaquoi20-B.McFadden00115YESNICKEL
2-10CLE 49NO11-M.Massaquoi22-W.Gay00116YESNICKEL
3-10CLE 49NO15-G.Little24-I.Taylor00114NONICKEL
1-10CLE 24YES89-E.Moore94-L.Timmons91115YESNICKEL
2-1CLE 33NO16-J.Cribbs20-B.McFadden00113NONICKEL
3-1CLE 33YES16-J.Cribbs20-B.McFadden22113NONICKEL
1-10CLE 35NO11-M.Massaquoi22-W.Gay00114NONICKEL
2-10CLE 35YES89-E.Moore51-J.Farrior100114NONICKEL
1-10CLE 45YES18-C.Mitchell20-B.McFadden192114NONICKEL
2-10PIT 36YES89-E.Moore94-L.Timmons121114NONICKEL
2-10PIT 24NO15-G.Little22-W.Gay00113NONICKEL

Coverage Stats By Player

43-T.Polamalu 4 0 0% 0 0.0 0 0 1
25-R.Clark 2 0 0% 0 0.0 0 0 0
96-Z.Hood 1 0 0% 0 0.0 0 0 0
24-I.Taylor 4 1 25% 10 2.5 5 0 0
20-B.McFadden 5 2 40% 21 4.2 4 0 0
22-W.Gay 12 5 42% 66 5.5 14 0 0
99-B.Keisel 2 1 50% -3 -1.5 -3 0 0
94-L.Timmons 5 3 60% 32 6.4 4 0 0
23-K.Lewis 2 2 100% 33 16.5. 21 0 0
51-J.Farrior 2 2 100% 18 9.0 2 0 0
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