Video: Baltimore Ravens Fan Freaks Out After Billy Cundiff Missed Field Goal

The Baltimore Ravens lost to the New England Patriots 23-20 in the AFC Championship game as Ravens kicker Billy Cundiff shanked a 32-yard field-goal wide left with with just 15 seconds left in regulation that would have tied the game and likely sent in into overtime.

One Ravens fan did not take the loss very well as you will see in the Youtube video below and went into full blown freak-out mode. He tells everyone to get out of his house and cusses Cundiff, offensive coordinator Cam Cameron and even quarterback Joe Flacco. The video is quite entertaining to us Steelers fans I must admit.

Strong Language Warning

  • Rex

    mwar har har har …..

  • Ericcrook87

    tho I hate it when the steelers lose, this is just hilarious. Shows what assholes ravens fans are. Glad to see those punks lose, tho I hate brady and the patriots just as much, lol.

  • yoi

    sounds good to me…i’ll trade him suisham for cundiff….straight up

  • Mellymorales07

    Well I guess u where right Woodley the ravens can’t make it with flacco !! Lol the ravens suck and that’s the bottom line !! Happy day in steeler nation coming from h-town !! Texas đŸ™‚ lol !! Rodgers who ???

  • Intropy

    Meh. Pretty mild freak out. He raves for like 15 seconds. I’ve never filmed myself, but I wouldn’t be too terribly surprised if I’ve stomped around like that (but alone) after a bad loss.

  • Eagle1

    Flacco had a good game. It wasn’t his fault the receiver dropped the ball. He would have been the hero on the completion.

  • pounceysapunk

    That brought me great joy

  • NE

    Baltimore Raves: Forever in Our Shadow – Love, New England Patriots

  • Dude you guys lost to, I mean got butchered by Tebow. That’s about the most embarrassing thing in NFL history. I knew that POS Cundiff would cost us just like last year, called it months ago but any retard Steelerfan talkin smak can take their Tebow losing asses out. Seriously? That was the funniest thing I have ever seen (in 30+ years) watching that joke of a QB go for 300+ on your joke corners. Glad to know you are cheering for another team to do what you couldn’t, SCOREBOARD! Laugh it up, we’ll still be kicking your ars next year.

  • Pittsburghpenguins 8771

    Can we find and post good Patriots fans’ postgame reactions?