Ben Roethlisberger Worried New Offense Of Todd Haley Will Be Difficult For Young Players To Learn

Ed Bouchette had a sit down interview with Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger prior to the introduction press conference of new offensive coordinator Todd Haley and shared several of his concerns about Haley being hired they mostly centered around the young players on the offense having to learn a new system.

Haley said in his presser today that while a lot of the verbiage will carry over from the offense that Bruce Arians ran, they will be starting with a clean slate offensively. The concern that Roethlisberger communicated to Bouchette today is that the young guys on offense, more specifically the wide receivers, would have a hard time learning a new offense because they were just getting comfortable with the old one. Roethlisberger however was resigned to fact that if they indeed were forced to learn a new offense that they were not going to complain about it. As far as Arians goes, Roethlisberger told Bouchette he was shocked to hear the news that he would not be back in 2012.

I consider this the initial push back from Roethlisberger today, but as I mentioned in a previous post, he better get used to being an employee again and go with whatever Haley puts before him. It is human nature to be afraid of change, and while he does have a point in regards to the young receivers likely to struggle the most with a completely new offense initially, it is unlikely that Haley will be sympathetic to his fears. Both he and Haley made it known that neither have sat down to talk to each other since Haley was hired, and I expect the first come to Jesus discussions between the two are just days, if not hours away. Roethlisberger will plead his case about the young offense, but it is unlikely that Haley will take too much of into consideration.

Haley was hired to push Roethlisberger to the next level and that is exactly what he will attempt do. Haley brushed aside questions today that he is difficult to deal and said that people should ask former players of his like Kurt Warner, Larry Fitzgerald and Keyshawn Johnson about him instead. It sounds like Big Ben already has, as Bouchette reports that Roethlisberger told him that he has received numerous calls, emails and texts from people around the league concerning Haley. How many of those that Ben initiated is only left to speculation.

The offseason has merely just began for the Steelers and we are unlikely to hear anything else from Haley or Roethlisberger until after the drafty in April. My then all of the serious discussions will have taken place between the two will be well in the rear view mirror and I suspect we will get quotes from Ben about him being more on board with the new direction of the offense. Consider this stage one of the “tweaking” of Roethlisberger.

  • Bigtwnvin

    Don’t worry about the “young money” Ben they are football players just like you. Do your job and what is asked of you and good things just might happen. Easier to work in a young player rather than an older one that has been tainted by bad football for an extended period f time.

  • Tom

    ok, maybe we should all relax now and take a break from football for awhile. Even coaches and players do that.

  • SteelerElder39

    As Bigtwnvin posted, don’t worry about the young’ins. They won’t have the ‘ bad habit baggage’ you do, nor the disdain you now feel about how this whole process was presented. According to Kurt Warner, Haley is both very Competitive & often Confrontational (with his own team), so get ready!

    I can only hope coach Tomlin picks up on these two traits, and channels them constructively to the team. He MUST impose his WILL on the offensive team that the number ” 3 ” is no longer acceptable, as in 3 point scores and/or 3 and out(s) during drives. Two of his predicessors, Knoll & Cowher were very successful using that mind-set.

    Let the running backs have their chances too. Wouldn’t the game be more fun, and the check more enjoyable, if you didn’t have to limp to the bank.

  • Fu-Schnickens

    Amen, Elder. This team lacks a certain amount of fire under Tomlin that, in my humble opinion, would really help this team. The fact that Tomlin doesn’t seem to echo this or, at least, not publicly is troubling in terms of team chemistry considering that Haley sounds like he’s got a bit of the piss and vinegar in him. All that being said, whatever helps them make 6’s out of 3’s is what should count, and Arians certainly increasingly had problems with it. If they can start whooping up on folks (like they should have last year), I believe that Ben will see the light and bow to Haley’s style.

  • RoughRiders Rock

    We long-suffering Chiefs fans as SOOOOO glad to be rid of Haley. And so are his players. The man acts like he is God’s gift to football. Only one problem . . . he has never worn a football helmet in his life.

  • lou

    @RoughRider: Chiefs fans were suffering long before the short-lived Haley Era, and my guess is that his leaving will not represent a marked end to your struggles.

    As for Tomlin: He says all the right things in public, but I really have to question the Phil Collins pre-game thing. I don’t think there’s anything in the world that could make me want to hit anyone (other than Phil Collins) less than listening to “In the Air Tonight.”