NFL Network To Broadcast 13 Thursday Night Games In 2012 & It Stinks Of Hypocrisy

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell held his yearly State of the NFL press conference today in Indianapolis and announced that the the NFL Network will broadcast 13 Thursday night games starting in 2012. Goodell also said that all 32 NFL teams will be guaranteed at least one prime time game over the course of the 2012 season.

The NFL Network broadcasted eight Thursday night games last season and the new package will start in Week 2 and will run through Week 15 of the 2012 regular season. The question now becomes, how does this figure in with the strong push for player safety? Giving players a short week to prepare for games is not healthy and certainly could affect the competitive balance for players that are coming off of a short week after suffering injuries the previous week.

Hopefully the league will consider stacking several of these games with teams coming off their bye weeks, but is it possible to accommodate all teams that way? I don\’t think so based on the current use of the bye weeks. What Goodell should really say is that it is more money for the league and an agenda to push the NFL Network even further up the network food chain. It will be interesting to see how some of the vocal Pittsburgh Steelers players think about this and immediately both Ryan Clark and Charlie Batch both come to mind.

Don\’t get me wrong, I love Thursday night football, but let\’s call it what it is and stop hiding behind the concerns of player safety when it relates to other issues. This move is about money and it could care less about player safety.

  • Bill in DC

    It would be prudent for the NFL to all together waive, or at least waive on Thursday nights, the rediculous practice of not dressing every player on an active roster. The system of PUP lists and IR is broken, there should be a way to handle injured players and be able to dress 53 healthy (or as healthy as an NFL season allows) players on Game Day.

    I tweeted Batch about the subject after the lockout ended. He said that the ownes would not discuss dressing all 53 players on Game Day. It is something the players seem to be in favor of.

  • Jason Brown

    Goodell, a grand leader poobah of all that is hypocritical and inane, spewing out new policy that is both stupid and contrarian to that which he has said is most important in the past? Preposterous!!!

    I’m just surprised that he didn’t announce, first and foremost, that he would implementing mandatory fines for any Steelers seen using their cell phones at any time while attending the Super Bowl or any other league-sanctioned event!

  • Guest

    they just add another bye week. have everyone get a Thursday night game with an associated bye. Cut an exhibition game, start the season a week earlier and add a bye. More week of TV for the almighty dollar, no additional games for players, extra week of rest for increased player safety.

  • I don’t even know if I would call it hypocrasy, so much as a blatant attempt to pressure Time Warner, Cablevision, and the other hold out cable providers into paying the ~$2.50 per month per household they are asking for to carry NFL network.

  • WWwww

    I do not like Thursday night football

  • But we have seen no mention of any of that, only of more Thursday night games.

  • JOE M


  • NSL

    In NY Cablevision has lost so many customers to Verizon’s FIOS including myself, strictly because of access to the NFL Network. Rodger Goodell clearly was trying to use more games on the Net to get Cablevision to buy in but like the cheap, stubborn, morons they are, Cablevision will never pay the $2.50 per house. Bad move…Customers will slowly fizzle away.