Patriots Linebacker Thinks James Harrison & Ryan Clark Should Grow Up

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison and safety Ryan Clark did not hold back their thoughts after the New England Patriots lost to the New York Giants this past Sunday in Super Bowl XLVI, as both took to Twitter to pile on the Patriots after their loss. Harrison first let loose with a tweet that said, “Told you, cheaters never win!!!!!!!!!” and that prompted a tweet from Clark that read, “0-2 post spy gate! Just saying!!”

It has been a big non-story ever since the Super Bowl ended but it has prompted a response now from Patriots linebacker Dane Fletcher which read, “Hilarious how some people judge others, calling them “cheaters” when they are amongst the top in the league for dirty plays #growup” While Fletcher did not name any names or teams in his tweet, it is obvious to know he is responding to the tweets that Harrison and Clark made.

Fletcher is not exactly the marque name on the Patriots roster as he had just one tackle in the Super Bowl after recording 32 in the regular season. I expect Harrison to respond with a tweet something along the lines of a, “Who\’s that?” This will surely could end up being one hell of a Twitter Bro Down for the rest of the offseason and I will be on top of this non story all of the way. Come at me, Bro!

  • TheYinzerTimes

    In fairness to the Patsies, the vast majority of this year’s team wasn’t even around during spygate. On the other hand though, James will probably forever remain bitter that one of the best Steeler teams ever was denied a shot at the SB by an opponent that systematically cheated. I’d be pissed too.

  • 3beancrispy

    Dane Fletcher implies that the tweeters in question are judging the Pats, when in reality it was the NFL who investigated, judged, found them guilty, and fined them heavily.

  • facts are facts they ain’t one since!!!!!!! awfully strange how Brady used to audible and always get it right!!! if they stole signals from the defense who the hell do you think they gave the signals to??????????

  • Intropy

    “fined them heavily” is a synonym for “slapped them gently on the wrist” right?

  • Smarterthanyou

    Wah wah wah. Go to youtube and listen to Cowher talk about stealing signals and how the Steelers did it. Then comment you bunch of idiots. How stupid can you really be to think that is why they won? Did you watch the games or just cry? On youtube look up ‘cowher admits stealing signals’. Morons

  • I think Harrison just needed some extra attention since his season ended and Goodell hasn’t kept him in the news lately. So Harrison just had to go shoot his mouth off…

  • Pete

    Get it right. Stealing signals is legal and ok and everyone tries to do it. VIDEOTAPING signals is ILLEGAL in the NFL. The NFL front office has people all over looking to see if teams comply. The Patriots are the only team caught VIDEOTAPING other teams. You sir, are the Moron!

  • Testament68

    Who is Dane Fletcher??

  • Fu-Schnickens

    No, fu*ktard, he simply said what the vast majority of NFL fans of ALL teams were thinking AGAIN. Do you honestly think that these are the only two people on earth that feel this way?….and why the hell do you care anyhow as a Clown fan?!?!

  • Mike54var

    Come on seriously??? I’m the biggest Steeler’s fan their is but the Patriots have had the best win record in the NFL since Spygate. I know they haven’t won the Super Bowl since, but if not for two plays they would have won to more Super Bowls. If wes welker makes that catch in this past Super Bowl they win. Also, in the past one if David Tyree doesn’t make that unbelievable catch then the Pat’s win too. Spygate is nothing more then studying film, and Bill Cowher should be criticized for not being more on the ball. Maybe he should of thought of it first, or at least changed his signals before the big game. I remember in the past in a Post-Gazette article Bill Cowher stated he knew the Pat’s taped signs and it was no big deal. Everyone was aware of it, and if the Steelers didn’t change their signals it says more about their readiness than the Pat’s.

  • Johnnyrugby2003

    still haven’t won a super bowl since spygate….cheaters….

  • Pfdeschamps

    Well Yinzer as we all know the steelers admitted to stealing signals too.

  • PFDeschamps

    They were the only ones caught that the league talked about. Other teams were caught moron. Plenty of HOF coaches admitted to doing the EXACT same thing. I.E. Jimmy Johnson, who said that almost every other team did it.