Report: Ben Roethlisberger Still Has Not Talked To Todd Haley Yet

The Steel City Stare Down continues on reportedly as Mark Kaboly from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports via Twitter Monday that Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger still hasn\’t met with new offensive coordinator Todd Haley. Kaboly reports that Roethlisberger told him, “He still hasn\’t called yet.” Kaboly interjected his opinion that the tone of Roethlisberger definitely came across that he has no intention of making the first move.

Haley was introduced as the Steelers new offensive coordinator 11 days ago during a press conference at the Steelers facilities and reportedly Roethlisberger was in the building earlier that day and has also already talked to team president Art Rooney II and head coach Mike Tomlin since returning from his extended stay in Hawaii for the Pro Bowl.

Roethlisberger also talked to Pittsburgh Post Gazette beat writer Ed Bouchette on the same day that Haley was introduced and shared his concerns about a possible change in the offense with Haley now aboard. He also was interviewed by DVE Radio reporter Mike Prisuta last week and talked about what he hopes the coaching style of Haley will be.

One player on offense that we know has met Haley is wide receiver Antonio Brown as he posted a picture of him and the Steelers new play caller last week.

  • STLSteelersFC

    I thought that players could not talk to coaches until some time in March due to the new collective bargaining agreement.

  • SteelerNationVA

    Ben grow up

  • Ron Jammes

    Some rookie reporter tweeting about nonsense. Please stop asking Ben if he met what’s his name.

  • greeny

    If Haley sought Ben out and Ben still hasn’t met with him this would be on Ben. Since Haley has not sought Ben out….it just proves to me that this was a catastrophic mistake. Haley couldn’t get along with Kurt Warner. This guy is trouble…but most of steeler nation should be thrilled since it lends itself to Ben bashing.
    This will become a major media circus. Where is Tomlin in this? Make these 2 sit down with one another. It is simple personnel management in any walk of life..Unbelievable

  • Ron Jammes

    Haley really isn’t supposed to meet with any players now, if they run into each other fine. Since the Steelers hardly ever fire OCs and DCs the inexperienced and lazy reporters only can get to Ben but why don’t they ask Haley? Reason he doesn’t give them the time of day, as he should. He ran into A. Brown and posed with a picture.

    This soap opera of s situation will continue til March 13th, agree with you that if it was that important Haley would be told by Tomlin to meet with Haley. All the coaches are in Indy for the combine anyway

  • bonairsfavoriteson

    Drop dead. Since you have no idea what is factual and what is not, league rules , etc. If you are in Va. , cheer for the deadskins.

  • Leonine

    Screw you, bonairsfavoritea**hole. I live in Va. and I’ll always root for the Steelers.

  • SteelersDepot

    Be nice folks. Say your peace and move on.

  • Thxleo

    What are you talking about? Kurt Warner has said repeatedly that he loved having Haley as his OC and that they still talk to this day.

  • Joe D

    It’s call stirring the pot… Ben is such a drama queen..

    I’m glad Haley is not reaching out for Ben… in fact, Haley is not reaching out for anyone unless they run into each other (like Brown)…
    Ben needs to find out who is boss!!

    First day of spring drills… if I were Haley… I’d make him run and run and run… and not touch the football… show him who is the boss!!

  • Joe D

    No such rule… they can talk..
    lots of rules regarding required conditioning, etc.. (there is less of that now… less mandatory spring… less practices… etc)
    but nothing about contact!

  • John B.

    its FEBRUARY! take a pill…damn hahaha

  • Paul D

    Just remember Haley needs Ben more than the other way around. I think it may be one and done for Haley if he ever gets to game one

  • Pittnut

    Ben may have to kiss his A– or ring before being granted an audiance with himself!

  • Steelerfanmatt1933

    More non-news…

  • Gregorydcarroll

    Less attention should be paid to the Offensive Coordinator (that never plays a down) and turn their attention to getting a solid O-Line. The lack of a consistent running game coupled with Arian’s “lets see how many times we can pass” piss poor ball control offense was the reason they couldn’t sustain drives and get it done. Instead they had to hope for a few 15 yard plus passes a drive, and saw way too many 3rd and longs. Haley has shown in Arizona he can engineer passing games and in KC he can commit to the run. Hopefully he can bring Balance and Ben would do good to be positive and part of the solution.

    If they build a running game, those receivers will kill deep off play action.