Report: Bouchette Says No Decision Made On Ward Yet According To Sources

The Friday night report by Jason La Canfora, stating that Hines Ward will not be back with the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2012 has spawned a few responses it appears now. Not only are the representatives for Ward saying that they have yet to hear from the Steelers, but Ed Bouchette is reporting that sources have told him today that the Steelers have not yet decided anything about the future of Ward.

Ward took to his Facebook page on Saturday to say, “I don\’t normally like to respond to rumors, but as I\’ve said all along, I want to finish my career with the Pittsburgh Steelers. And as I\’ve already told the organization, I am willing to work with them to restructure my contract to make sure this happens.” So if Ward and his side don\’t know about his status yet and the Steelers claim that they have not made a decision yet on Ward, it is curious as to where La Canfora is getting his information from.

The Steelers reportedly have to let Ward know is status by March 1st due to a clause in his contract, but as I posted early today, that is still a few weeks away. La Canfora sure is going to have more egg on his face if Ward remains in the black and gold in 2012. Stay tuned.

  • GB7

    In am a season ticket holder and I just want to say that it would be a blow to the Steelers if Hines Ward does not get to play for the Steelers in 2012. I am opposed to them letting him go.

  • I am inclined to trust Bouchette over LaCanforra on this one.

  • Kingtut499

    A new era is starting in Pittsburgh. I dont think Hines is in the blueprint. Thank you Hines for all you have done. It is greatly appreciated. See you in the HOF !

  • Shaver

    I trust Ed over anyone because he actually reports news instead of throwing darts like La Canfora or Jamison Hensley.

  • After all these articles coming out the other day regarding Ward after La Canfora’s report, I commented on some of the articles, that I would wait and see what some of the writers for the local papers had to say first about Ward’s situation. And we are reading that the steelers have not made a decision yet. So I don’t believe L:a Canfora’s sources.