Report: Steelers May Have Interest In Talking To Hue Jackson

Alby Oxenreiter, Sports Director for WPXI in Pittsburgh, reports via Twitter this afternoon that a source has told him that Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin may be interested in talking to recently-fired Oakland Raiders head coach Hue Jackson about the still open offensive coordinator position. Jackson has long been speculated as a possible candidate for the job ever since it was announced that Bruce Arians would not return next season.

Jackson began his coaching career at his his alma mater, Pacific, in 1987 and has since had several coaching stops at both the college and professional level. As far as his NFL resume goes, Jackson has coached with the Washington Redskins, Cincinnati Bengals, Atlanta Falcons and the Baltimore Ravens prior to being hired by the Raiders in 2010. He was the first quarterbacks coach for Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco when he was a rookie back in 2008 as well. Jackson was fired by the Raiders early in January after just one season as head coach.

The Steelers have really only confirmed one interview thus far and that was for Todd Haley on Tuesday. Their have been several other unconfirmed interest and meetings with Jim Caldwell, Alex Van Pelt and Bill Stewart for possible positions on the Steelers staff.

  • RonW

    I honestly hope we land him.

  • Thomas

    w0000t!! I’ve been clamering for him forever. He turned what was the most abismal offense I’d ever seen into a winner with the raiders, made draft busts into good players. Runs a sweet big play zone running game. Really creative playcaller. Got a little too emotional when Al Davis died and it cost him his job in Oakland but I thought they made a mistake getting rid of him.

    Bottom line, the raiders were a joke when he got there as O-coordinator for Tom Cable and turned them into a really physical big play offense to reckoned with.


  • Rebcat101

    please no, the guy proved he has no idea how to coach a winning team. Hire Haley!

  • Zimmie354

    Why is he unemployed right now if he is that good. Why did Baltimore let him go?

  • Loadyz53

    As a Raiders fan I hope Hue lands this job. Not that I want to see the Steelers do any more winning, but this guy is a great offensive mind. Trully changed the course of our team on that side of the ball and don’t like to see him leave, but he threw the team under the bus as a head coach so he paid the price. Had he not lost his cool at seasons end, he may have been retained even with his Raiders collapse during the second half of the season. Offensively though, this guy is money and you would be happy with him, I sure was offensively. Refer to poster “Thomas” and it is exactly what youll get. Now, good luck but Go Raiders!!!

  • Chris

    Why not interview Jim tressel even though hue is good

  • Hue Jackson Jr.

    @Zimmie. Jackson was a QB coach in Baltimore. They couldn’t stop Hue from leaving for a promotion, which was what Oak offered in a OC position. He has only been unemployed for a few months. You act like he has been out of football for years. He may not be HC material, but the guy definitely can improve an offense.

  • Fhsj

    Hue, give me a break, when we start building our team concepts based on the Raider smarts, then it is time to understand , we will be drafting in the top 10 for years to come. Yeh! the same raiders that are in the playoffs every year. sheesh. Hue, the same guy that lasted how long in that dysfunctional origination.

  • Mixpro55

    Hes a bad apple !Will rot the whole bunch! Has the morals of a hooker ! Womanizer chaised skirts all over Oakland ! Cant tell the truth to save his life !Talked his way out of Oakland Really im so glad the scumbag was fired in Oakland !

  • Mixpro55

    He only last 2 years wherever he gos !

  • JC

    Haley is the no-brains choice here. However, given his reputation as a guy that’s hard to get along with, the Steelers will pass on him. Which hastens the question; “then why’d you bother to even interview him”?!