Report: Steelers Restructure Contract Of Ike Taylor

The Pittsburgh Steelers continue the contract restructures of several players as they continue to make progress towards getting under the salary cap by the start of the new league year in March. The latest to restructure according to Pro Football Talk is cornerback Ike Taylor, who just signed a new 4-year contract last offseason. The Steelers reportedly turned $4.925 million of his $5.75 base salary in 2012 into a signing bonus and stretched it over the remaining 3 years of the contract. This move lowers the $7.5625 million cap hit that Taylor was supposed to count in 2012 down to $4.279 million, which is a savings of $3.283 million in 2012.

This makes the third such player that the Steelers have restructured since the offseason started as linebackers LaMarr Woodley and Lawrence Timmons both had their contracts restructured recently. When you combine all of the restructures that have been done with the recent release of Bryant McFadden and Arnaz Battle, the Steelers have now trimmed off over $18 million off of their 2012 salary cap. We expect to hear about a few more restructures before March as well.

  • bn

    Hey.. is there any downside to the organization for all of the restructuring going on with the player’s contracts?

  • TrueSteelerForLife

    Yeah that’s a great question. Is this gonna come back and bite the steelers in the rear at some point?

  • Jason

    They are pushing the money back to later years with the hope that the salary cap gets raised in 2013 and beyond.

  • Timjr

    Doesn’t this just keep pushing the problem back to next year?

  • SteelersDepot

    Not really as they are pushing off responsibly towards 2014, when the new TV contracts kick in and the salary cap number sky rockets. They are making the move to youth at the right time and holding onto key vets in the process. from my vantage point they have been very responsible with these restructures over the last several years. Omar Khan is the man when it comes to managing this.

  • Paul

    the salary cap should be 150 million 2013 2014 2015

  • SteelersBall

    Is there alot of restructuring going on with other teams also?

  • kevin

    Dave is right about this. The salary cap for 2014 and beyond can be calculated with a reasonable degree of precision because we know what the TV contracts are. The TV revenues are a huge portion of the revenue that is generated by the NFL. I see no problem with restructuring to push it to later years. I worry more about next year than anything.

  • Jollyrob68

    I still hope they CUT some older Vets like Hampton,Foote and reduce Farrior & Ward. I want them to resign Cotchery now.

  • Jamarsh93

    The best part is that these key players are willing to restructure their contracts instead of holding the team responsible to the original cash in black & white. To me, it just means they know they’ve got a Super Bowl Championship team & want to win it.

  • Dave

    These guys aren’t making ANY sacrifice or taking a penny less money. If anything, it HELPS the player. Ike Taylor got a check for $4.925 million today instead of having to wait for game checks in the fall. It’s a win-win for the player and the team. As an added bonus for the player, half the fans think he’s a great guy for taking a paycut. The only downside is the Steelers eventually have to account for the money. The Steelers are taking a calculated risk that the cap will be much higher in 2014

  • Wdmason

    It seems to me some some players are cut before they finish their contracts. A few possible examples are Aaron Smith, Farrior, Foote and Hines Ward. So postponing these players cap hits are beneficial.

  • Marcuscrum3

    It looks like we trying to do something big!