Todd Haley To Be Announced As Steelers New Offensive Coordinator Soon

This is one of those reports that I will pass on, but I caution you that there has been no confirmation by the Steelers or anyone else that it is indeed true. Mark Carman, from 610 Sports Radio in Kansas City, is reporting via Twitter that he is hearing that former Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley has been hired as the new Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator and an official announcement should be coming soon.

Haley, the son of former Steelers Director of Player Personnel Dick Haley, interviewed with the Steelers and head coach Mike Tomlin last Tuesday. It has been the only interview that has been confirmed by the since it was announced that former Steelers offensive coordinator Bruce Arians would not return in 2012. On Friday, Alby Oxenreiter, Sports Director for WPXI, tweeted that it was his understanding that Haley was the frontrunner for the job. We should likely know soon if Carman is indeed right.

ETA: Chris Mortensen of ESPN is now confirming report of Carman on Twitter.

  • I seem to remember you were on Twitter trying to quickly shoot down Alby Oxenreiter’s report.

  • SteelersDepot

    Shows you do not read well as I pointed to the report & said it was hard to believe based on my opinion that it seemed like the Haley interview was more of “favor”. If he was the right guy I feel trigger would have been pulled. I immediately posted the report by Alby on the blog as well. Thanks for playing though.

  • Jason

    Was started as a back joke, is turning into a sad reality.

  • Makes sense. As stated, Haley’s interview was posted on the team website. The reason I feel the team is taking this long to make an announcement, is because Ben stayed in Hawaii after the pro-bowl. The hire doesn’t require Ben’s blessing, but as a professional courtesy, I could see them wanted to let Ben know of the hire in person, before announcing it to the media.

  • Joe D

    Very sad… Haley was the last person I wanted hired… however, I thought due to his father, he was a favorite of the Rooneys.

    Lets hope this is a one and done!

  • Jason

    Chris Mortenson is reporting it on twitter as well, so it’s probably a certainty.

  • The team probably didn’t want to announce the hire, while Ben was on vacation in Hawaii. Once the announcement is made, the media is going to be all over Ben for a reaction. They still have yet to pow wow with him regarding the decision not to retain BA, and haven’t talked about the future direction of the offense. This isn’t about appeasing Ben, rather a decision not to create a controversy around a new hire unnecessarily.

  • jpbucco

    Once Dulac and Bouchette said he wasn’t going to be hired…I figured he would be.

  • Every offense he has coordinated has been better than the ones BA put up. Sounds terrible.

  • Shocked. Definitely not one of Tomlin’s guys. Another decision made by Rooney? How much input does Kevin Colbert have on the firing on Arians and now Haley as his replacement? I’m really curious to hear Haley’s plans for our offense.

  • IsraelP

    I have an uncomfortable suspicion that 2014 or 2015 will be brutal. That will be when the clean-up from Haley begins.