Steelers GM Kevin Colbert Says Jonathan Dwyer Has To Keep His Weight In Check

I have posted quite a bit from the interview that Pittsburgh Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert gave SiriusXM Radio after he met the media at the NFL combine on Thursday, but wanted to pass along his thoughts about running back Jonathan Dwyer.

Dwyer was placed on injured reserve in the early part of December with a broken foot and rushed for 123 yards on just 16 carries last season. Those stats were helped tremendously by a 76 yard run against the Tennessee Titans on his very first carry of the season.

Host Adam Schein asked Colbert just how good Dwyer can be going forward, as he thought the Steelers stole him in the 2010 draft. He also asked if Dwyer could be an answer for the Steelers at running back at the beginning of the year with Rashard Mendenhall likely to start the season on the PUP list. Colbert replied, “You know every time he gets on the field he does something good. He came in last year, the game he broke his foot in, and he had a 100 yards. And he\’s a big guy and you know sometimes he\’s a little too big quite honestly. He has to keep his weight in check, but he\’s 245 to 255 and he can run. He played in an option offense at Georgia Tech and he was more like the, I don\’t know what back they call him, but he was more in on a lot of fakes. You know a lot of times he didn\’t get to see the line of scrimmage from a running standpoint. So everything is still ahead of him and he lost a year this year with the injury. So we still think he can get better.”

Dwyer has had knocks on him ever since the Steelers drafted him and most of them seem to center around his motivation and desire to play the game. Colbert let it be known on Thursday that Dwyer needs to keep his weight in check and you have to figure that missing the mini-camp and OTA sessions due to the lockout last offseason did not help his progress. Dwyer did manage show up a few times on special teams however and we saw him show progress the few times he was asked to block on passing plays as well. That was not many times mind you, but at least he looked like he knew what he was doing.

There is no doubt that Isaac Redman will be the lead back next year to start the season with Mendenhall down, but it sounds like Dwyer will be given every opportunity to win the backup job to Redman. Dwyer will have stiff competition however from Baron Batch and John Clay as well and Colbert did name both of them by name during the same interview as he talked about the loss of Mendenhall.

Was this a message to Dwyer through the media? It certainly sounded that way to me.

  • Bazapirain

    totally agree. Dwyer has to show how much he wants it: with Mendenhall injured, there is a great oportunity for all those backs in Pittsburgh

  • steeltwin

    I want to see what Clay can do. He was an undrafted FA, and we have a great treack record with undrafted players

  • Eric87

    Dwyer needs to weigh between 230-245 and he would be a great bruising back that has decent speed. Still very interested in Clay and Batch as well. Think our stable of backs isnt quite as dire as other people seem to believe. Batch coming off of the acl will be interesting, but hopes he can take over mewelde’s spot

  • SteelerElder39

    Eric87: I’m in complete agreement with your weight perimeters for Dwyer. He may very well prove to be just what WE need, especially from five yards in. And, as a bonus, gaining first downs on third/fourth & one or two. It would make my whole year to watch him run right over Ray Lewis!!! If memory serves, the tender is only around a half mil(?) for 2012. That will provide a little help cap-wise for us this coming year, and probably in 13 & 14, since they will tender him the minimum as long as they can. Every little bit will help, since we mortgaged our future for the next four years by dolling out 40 to 45 mil in bonus money, etc, this past August. Dwyer will probably never get a better opportunity to prove himself. Here’s hoping HE DOES!!!

  • hp

    The thing I noticed about Dwyer right away is his great feet.
    Very quick and agile feet. Special even.

    It’s all up to him. How hard does he want it?

    He could be a very very good player. Great?
    We’ll see.

  • Pauliej345

    Dwyer is awsome we saw last year this guy can play. He was a beast in college and should have gone in the first round. He can be a top 10 RB in the league. I don;t think batch is more than a backup but i do like John Clay alot and he is another guy who should have been drafted in the first 3 rounds not undrafted.